British fireworks across the pond in the USA...

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  1. Been wanting to do this for a while, but never had the time. Since I have more time at home given we have been asked to stick around home mitigation...given current circumstances, i got off my butt and took some pix of British stuff that is over in the USA. some of these items i have posted before, but i'll post them all here.

    There were some USA companies that imported British fireworks, not many, but a few. Brit stuff was also more common along the border with Canada given Canada had much more British stuff. There are a few USA collectors who like British stuff, but american market fireworks is much more collectible along with having more collectors.

    Prices over here seem to be much lower than over in England for the British stuff. The 3 pack of rockets could get to about $75 USD, which would be top dollar here. the bulk boxes I picture work out to around $1 usd per item, so maybe 60-75 usd for the partial boxes of spitfires and silver sprays.

    There are some bangers around, but those are less common, usually only seen in singles. I've not seen a box or blister pack of bangers.
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    mr mojo , These pictures you have posted are wonderful , all with the export sized labels & original stock boxes .
    brilliant condition as well, do you own these ? I have a few export items , which came from the usa & Canada ,
    Hard to get them know from over seas . The size 6 sky rocket labels are great .
    thanks for posting on the forum today . If your ever passing , bring them with you !
    cheers : steve
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  3. Hi Mr Mojo. These are fabulous, outstanding items. Thanks for sharing. I’m also in the USA, New England area to be specific. Just curious where you are based. Pm me if you like. Best, Chris
  4. Midwest area here. yes, i own these items. I wish i knew someone shipping a car to England, i'd throw these in the boot for you UK collectors. I also see some old German/Dutch firecrackers that those collectors would love to have. Cheap here, very spendy over there. As i get more pix, i will post more.
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    Rocket discharging shrapnel, the holy grail when I was a late 70's to 80's kid.
  6. Shrapnel, Snakes and Whistles, Tadpoles and my favourite, the Chain of Stars with the parachute and change of colours, still miss these rockets.
  7. I feel as though I've been injected with a miracle drug after seeing these photos. Does wonders for the heart and soul.
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    This is better than porn!
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    Those size 9 (uk spec) and up were really special .The sound and height they went make today's resin based rocket motors look naff .
    The only negative was in their return to earth they came down like Zulu spears :)
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  10. 2 more items i remember i had taken pictures of.
    20180708_114054-554x1661.jpg 20180707_150045-1195x2124.jpg
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    Absolutely's an incredible collection..over what time were these collected?
    These are the holy grail of collecting...I have had some Brocks coloured lights and mines of serpents from Canada they were sent over At one point I thought I'd lost them..but hey presto they turned up...... well done....fabulous fabulous!!
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  13. Lovely items, thanks for sharing, goes to show how many
    items were exported to the colonies from the major
    British fireworks companies.
  14. I'd say these were collected over the past couple of years. Usually when British stuff pops up at swap meets, there are a couple of Brit collectors present, so I don't end up with all the British items that are available as I have a price range in mind plus we like to be neighborly so other interested collectors can add to their collection as well.

    I need to dig for a few more pictures i might have.
  15. Fantastic items. Really fantastic! Empire gave white stars as I recall. Brock’s exported a fair bit to the US through various channels over the years, the most recent being in the mid-80s. I know someone here in the States who has a lot of their raw hummer units, which were exported for manufacturing. A few years ago, a member of our firework club here in New England showed up at a meeting with a six inch Brock’s plastic hummingbird shell. A beautifully made thing. Amidst a lot of anticipation, it was loaded into a mortar, the fuse was lit and up it went. Sadly the sky remained dark, not even a spark, and we heard it splash down into the lake next to the mortar line. The thing was a dud - what a disappointment.
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    That’s the issue with old shells , even relatively ‘young’ shells don’t perform as they should after even a few years, contents break down, stars solidify (sometimes resulting in one very large bang :cool:)should never have been lit, much better to keep these items, they are getting rarer by the day :)
  17. Last of the bits i could find. I love the graphics on the dragon's tooth.
    20200402_134613-1195x2124 (800x616).jpg
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    Is the highball a bigger version to what we had over here (uk) .It looks a bigger bore .