Cake/Barrage Brocade War Fan

Discussion in 'Klasek' started by Deepz, Nov 5, 2018.

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    Found this video today, looks just as good as the stock footage!
  2. Brocade War Fan Shape

    My video of Brocade War Fan Shape filmed 08/11/19 around 70m away. Mine didn't have blue tipped brocades.

    : Typically around £50
    Number of shots: 49
    Duration: Around 25 seconds
    NEC: 980g
    Bore Size: 25mm
    Category: F3
    Hazard Class: 1.3g
    Noise Rating: 10/10
    Firing Pattern: Fanned 7x7 shots.
    My verdict: A great fanned barrage which has big brocade bursts and very loud salutes.

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