Brocks benefit Crystal Palace 1904, invite

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  1. Thought some of you would like to see my latest find, a Brocks postcard invite for daytime & nighttime fireworks. 20201130_220016.jpg 20201130_220025.jpg
  2. I was watching a film the other day ( The first great train robbery) where Sean Connery's character met another villain at the Crystal Palace during a firework display.
    Loads of hummers and old type shells with the none spherical type breaks .Worth a look :)
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    heres a view of the crystal palace from anerly hill it gives you an idea of its immense scale ....the brocks displays must of been huge
  4. I wonder if all those panes of glass had MR Brock worried at all :eek:
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    What was the Crystal Palaces purpose? An exhibition centre type place?
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    when the crystal palace burnt down they reckon the fire was so fierce molton glass could be seen cascading down anerly hill
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    1933 crystal palace ...... i wonder if that wheel came in a box :rolleyes:
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    One of my fave films. The costumes, the stunts and the period-correct pyro.

    The character was an escapology expert called Clean Willy. He was employed to sneak into the guardhouse in the station to allow Donald Sutherland access to the keys of the secure carriage designated to hold the crimian gold. There in the guardhouse he made wax impressions before returning the keys and leaving seconds before the guard returns from his break.

    Connery performed all his own stunts atop that train!

    Absolute gem of a film.
  9. Thanks for all the input and information lads, that's really interesting!
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    I've always found the history of this confusing - this from wikipedia is my feeble summary - the key being location / name / what / when.: "The Crystal Palace was a cast iron and plate glass structure, originally built in Hyde Park, London, to house the Great Exhibition of 1851. After the exhibition, the Palace was relocated to an area of South London known as Penge Common. It was rebuilt at the top of Penge Peak next to Sydenham Hill, an affluent suburb of large villas. It stood there from June 1854 until its destruction by fire in November 1936. The nearby residential area was renamed Crystal Palace after the landmark."

    Curiously I did a Standard Fireworks Display Team job at the latter site - it was a bit surreal actually being on that historical site and doing pyro. One item of note was thousands of the Brock Bazooka flash single shot flash candle being disposed of as factory QA rejects - quite a site I recall - and I think I pocketed a fired one as a memento :) Good days. John.
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  11. Some pictures from our library We are part of the Brocks Fireworks Group many more if you are interested

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  12. I must admit that film has become a fave film of mine now.Lesley- Anne Down being a factor as well :D.It has knocked The Sting off the top spot on my list :)
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    Here’s some stuff I’ve acquired over the years of Brocks and Crystal Palace years.. 97EC9A93-9921-4C33-B8F8-46144BFD5C50.jpeg 59A5433E-8DE5-4855-B684-6527B225D0A5.jpeg 42DDAAF2-BEC0-442A-90C2-99F1018F2448.jpeg E624C056-C81F-44C9-AFA5-E033C5B8489C.jpeg E8A43D8C-FB2E-40FB-A371-732D1563A4ED.jpeg E5A84F37-C547-4D0A-8B0A-D03FDEF195CE.jpeg C95EB25A-B421-4934-853E-A630E5321C42.jpeg 6BD457EA-67EF-4AD3-B151-E8717F75974B.jpeg 1A943016-22B1-4726-865D-97AEB07852BE.jpeg 7B72E1A4-68B9-46CA-8622-0B4B33CBE037.jpeg E7A339F4-C300-4B34-8A86-A3251431F4C3.jpeg EDBADE01-16B9-4420-BEC4-A0210BD43D7C.jpeg D2B27AA1-3ECC-4DE3-A2C4-EF6F9C0FF794.jpeg AF40FFA5-59E3-4F78-B097-574CCE05E22F.jpeg 3582723E-4A22-46E5-B12F-05AD22693A43.jpeg B9A08A8F-9A83-486B-B875-4F85EE6063CF.jpeg 0251CAF5-B42C-4AEF-8774-56AA3E8CCD21.jpeg 09DC2C0F-ED96-4E61-BE00-EF860E255149.jpeg 6E48BFCB-2F79-423D-8C79-E585F78002BD.jpeg 1A740C19-69CB-4E07-9CC5-02B9DBEAFD81.jpeg 3AA6D755-C906-4C3B-B07F-D07CFD66A397.jpeg E18F3431-3C76-4534-AD44-BBA83882CDD4.jpeg D4926378-7B20-4E40-BC9E-2C2E2A2EF1B4.jpeg CCD6594A-6A9C-454A-A28F-DA0343C297A3.jpeg F07E0D8F-13F5-4925-9D3C-68D433612478.jpeg 6E4A5D13-BD39-48B8-9EAD-282E54ABD605.jpeg 571C6669-15D4-4570-AA13-1C6232006498.jpeg
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    This thread is incredible. Wow.
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    Thanks Ed...R
  16. Bloody hell Richard, now thats some history you saved thier!
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    I’ve just found footage of this display at Crystal place on YouTube, it also shows the guy wearing the Lance outfit
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  18. Strange - that one has no sound - this is similar.

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