Brock's Display - Dreamland Margate 1951 Season.

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  1. Another from my collection of leaflets - slightly before my time with the Brocks team.

    Much of the programme very familiar to me - that labour-intensive and rain-sensitive Star of India was always met with groans!

    Chased by the large Tourbillions on several occasions - these were usually fired from a tea-chest lid and sideways diversions were common if the spin was not completely even prior to the take-off jets firing.

    I know zilch about item 30 'House on Fire' - such a complicated description and I've never seen that fired.

    I think it must have involved Dreamland's own Fire Brigade actually putting out a fire.

    Dreamland 1951 P1010419.jpg Dreamland 1951 cover P1010418.jpg Dreamland 1951 rear P1010420.jpg
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    Brilliant! :)

    Number 30 sounds good!
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    Lovely stuff Malcolm...enjoy reading the programme in detail..word by the gushing script!
    How things have changed!:rolleyes:o_O
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    I love these old descriptions.. reminds me as of a kid of the old indoor fireworks with over descriptive names.
    Imagine promoting a modern council display like that .. Red peony... green peony... red peony.... green peony... willow
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    I wonder if number 16 is what Weingart called a Conch shell ?
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    Sounds like Weingart...P 157 at the bottom of the page...must have been quite a shell !!
  7. It would not have been larger than 5½" on the Dreamland site as space (and budget) was limited and was probably just a multicolour (variegated) standard burst.

    The largest I ever helped set up in that era was 8½" from the centre cross-pier of Ramsgate Harbour for the 1953 Coronation and that size was unusual as commented by the Brocks pyros.

    And that also brings back memories of hunting for unused carbide cartridges outside the boat repair shops. :whistle: