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  1. elmo

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    Hi guys,

    can anyone date the below box and give me an approx value if the box is in as new condition and complete?
    Fireworks  (1).jpg Fireworks 2.jpg
  2. Sufjan1986

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    Dates from/to 1993-1994. Retail price back then was £4.99.
    In terms of contents I believe there are a couple of Roman Candles missing. There were originally 16 fireworks in that box as a pose to the 13 in your photo. However it wasn’t uncommon for a selection of items to be swapped for others that were available in the factory, being mostly of Chinese imports. I understand that items were manufactured in China, shipped and the contents picked & packed in the UK. I’m not sure of the lesser content, this could be correct. The box featured is the start of the ‘international range’ prior to this was the ‘Amazing’ range.
    I suppose the old adage comes into play here; someone will pay what they think it’s worth to them. But as an average £45-80 I would say (could be controversial to some) :)

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    I've looked through the brochures I have for these..... in 93 first year they had them there are 16 fireworks showing, in 94 that is down to 14. I don't have the 95 one but in the 96 one the box is down to 13 fireworks. Looks like your box has a couple of older style blue touch paper in there which might put it as a 95 box ?
    Think price above is a bit on the high side....., I've had a few of this range and I would say half the above is more likely........ but there again someone may want one bad enough to pay a bit more......... sure someone on here will know for certain,
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  4. IMG_3442.JPG Hope this helps. This is in the 1998 brochure ,£5.65 RRP. The 95 brochure does not show contents .
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  5. We used to sell many of these back in the day, and wholesaled out a lot as well. I'd guess they are really rare these days, must be worth a fortune :whistle:
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    Right ......
    Who wants one ??
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    I’ve got a fiver waiting...;):pricefixing:
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  8. elmo

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    Will deliver next grub up !!!
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  9. elmo

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    There are more available if anyone’s interested
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    I've moved this to the For Sale section (the OP is selling on behalf of a site Sponsor hence being allowed to have an advert here). Any interested buyers or questions should please go via PM to @elmo
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