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  1. Evening all.i need help.ive got about £100 give or take.
    Looking for Ariel display more bangs the better.any suggestions?
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  2. Pyro Pete

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    Whereabouts in the UK are you?
  3. Near Manchester
  4. drummer73

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    Chorlton Fireworks or Blackpool Fireworks.
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  5. Pyro Pete

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    As above, get to a specialist all year retailer if you can: Sponsor Map
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  7. Thanks for your help.i was in the range today and didn't have a clue.i was just going to get a selection box
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  9. m00ny

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    If you want aerial and bangs steer clear of selection boxes in general, you can get some decent stuff for £100, something like 4-6 smaller cakes, a couple packs of rockets and a £30-£40 cake to finish on is what I'd look for.
  10. Suggestions?
    Where from?
  11. Any of the retailers already recommended, check out the websites or pay one a visit and they will look after you.

    As you didn't know in the Range visiting a specialist will allow them to guide you on what will work.
  12. Welcome :)

    If you want to nip in for a brew and chat your more than welcome ..... we are based in South Manchester and can put something together for you
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  13. Sorted now thanks.went to chorlton fireworks.cant wait now
  14. AlanCee29

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    Good choice! :chair:
  15. Well done.

    Come one what did you get!?
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  16. drummer73

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    Well done. Saj will always look after you :)
  17. What about a celtic six pack from chorlton fireworks. Its on my list. And maybe a couple of packs of moonshot rockets. If you where to travel around I'm in Manchester and I can recommend a few places as well as chorlton fireworks although saj is the best for quality gear

  18. He's done better than that a 12 pack and some Hawk rockets ....... He spent a little bit more than his initial budget though :whistle:
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    Is that your salesmanship at work again Saj?????
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