Cake/Barrage C239MSIG/C Signature 239 - Signature Range Best Mix

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  1. My video of the Signature 239 - Signature Range Best Mix filmed 01/01/20

    : Typically around £250 - £270
    Number of shots: 239
    Duration: 180 seconds - mine fired in under 2 minutes. I personally liked the faster firing pace
    NEC: 3964g
    Bore Size: 20/25/30mm - 90 shots at 20mm, 89 shots at 25mm and 60 shots at 30mm.
    Category: F3
    Hazard Class: 1.3g
    Noise Rating: 10/10
    Firing Pattern: Straight
    Firework Batch Number in Video: 1801
    Firework Year of Manufacture in Video: 2018
    Other Information: A compound of 4 cakes, the first cake is the Signature 90 shot 20mm barrage, second cake is the Signature 49shot 25mm cake, third cake is the Signature 64 shot 25/30mm barrage (40 shots at 25mm and 24 shots at 30mm) and the last cake is the Signature 36 shot 30mm cake.
    My Verdict: A superb barrage with fantastic bright vibrant colours, brilliant and full effects. Bursts are huge and loud especially with the 30mm shots. Most shots also have mine lifts to give a great multi-layered effect. A lot of the shots are powder heavy to give great full effects and mine lifts. There was no delay between the cakes.

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    Perfect review, in every sense.
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    That is fecking awesome, got to be one of the best if not best straight firing compound, great pace, stunning effects and massive power.
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