Cake/Barrage C4925D Dum Bum Mini

Discussion in 'Klasek' started by Rocketsculler, Feb 1, 2020.

  1. My video of the Dum Bum Mini filmed 01/01/20 around 40m away

    : RRP £54.99
    Number of shots: 49
    Duration: 30 seconds
    NEC: 637g
    Bore Size: 25mm
    Category: F3
    Hazard Class: 1.3g
    Noise Rating: 10/10
    Firing Pattern: Straight
    Firework Batch Number in Video: 1/16
    Firework Year of Manufacture in Video: 2016
    Description: Red tailed shots with silver glittering mines to titanium salutes. Most of the mine lifts aren't shown in the video.
    My Verdict: A great piece for noise. Not quite as loud as the 30mm Dum Bum pieces but still a very loud piece. A great cheaper alternative to the 30mm 49 shot Dum Bum.

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