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    We use a variety of firing systems but have to keep things simple for the crew. In particular we do shows where we want to fire in a particular order but from different firing modules - so for example we might have two modules firing pairs, another module firing a centre line and a further module firing shells. At the moment we have to change up and down channels to get to the right module and to know what to fire next the firer has to have a script in his or her hand. Ideally I'd like to put the script into the remote and just have the firer step fire all the way through.

    The Cobra website doesn't make it clear (to me anyway) if the 18R2 Pro can be scripted to do that so I'm asking here.

    I don't want to have the show "timed" as these will be wedding/November shows where we don't want any gaps as whilst I can cope with them on a pyro-musical on a pure display they give me serious heart stoppage!
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    Yes - you just create a script in the order you want everything fired and then just press the STEP key to cycle through them all.

    STEP Scripting
    STEP scripting allows you to define events that require the user to press the STEP button to fire the event vs. firing automatically based on an event time.
    STEP scripts are popular for shows without music whereby you are firing back and forth between different modules on different channels vs. a tradition channel 1, cue 1, then channel 1, cue 2, then channel 1 cue 3, etc... Instead, you may fire channel 1, cue 1, then channel 3, cue 1, then channel 2, cue 4, etc...
    By predefining the order of your STEP script, you don’t need to watch the remote or change channel manually as you fire the show. You can also fire multiple channels at the same time, and even embed timed events into your STEP script.
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    I used Cobra for the first time on NYE. The scripting is quite easy if you have knowledge of Excel and CSV.

    The majority of the show was STEP but had a handful of timed events, at the start and in the finale, as well as multiple cues at the same time. It did the job perfectly, 100% fired.
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