Can we take a minute to Appreciate Celtic fireworks

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  1. Lee boy

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    Evening all,

    hope everyone has been enjoying the heatwave.

    Well the other day I fired two cakes by Celtic fireworks and was absolutely blown away with the performance of purple plums.

    so can we please just take a minute to Appreciate the quality that Celtic produce.


  2. Scotte_Pyro

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    Love Celtic, got a few compounds already and some cakes. More ordered for my stash this year also.

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  3. Lee boy

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    Mate you can’t go wrong with Celtic. By law they should be in everyone’s fireworks stash year in year out.
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  4. As I commented on your video for OMG - Are there any "Bad" Celtic products ? My thoughts are probably not!
    I think Celtic raised the bar and some brands (new and old) have also risen to the challenge (e.g. Funke for one of the top of my head). The fact that from the outset professionals were using the consumer Celtic products says more than enough about the quality and reliability !
  5. Celtic Fireworks

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    Thanks everyone for your positive comments. We work hard to get the best product at the right price. We've got a number of new items on the way for this year, so all being well new product will start landing from early September.
  6. Celtic Fireworks are top quality and have been impressed with every piece I've fired by Celtic.

    A few pieces below I've filmed myself:

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  7. maxywell

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    The best thing about Celtic is the size of their range. It doesn't matter how much you get there's always more.
  8. Lee boy

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    It’s like a never ending list :)
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  9. Lee boy

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    And to think last year I was neglecting Celtic Fireworks majorly. So happy I found sense :). Their range is very unique from low noise Fireworks to colourful Fireworks to your big f**** off compounds. There’s something for everyone when it comes to Celtic fireworks.
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  10. Pablos pyro

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    Chemical romance is a favourite of mine, especially for the height it reaches.
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  11. hofnerite

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    Celtic is an outstanding brand that has raised the bar across the board to a ridiculous level and forced other brands to up their game.
    I think they were probably the brand that launched the current wave of semi-pro fireworks we see today and have produced fireworks in recent years I never thought possible in retail. The biggest plus with Celtic is you can trust every firework they make, not only for build quality but also effects - The Chinese videos represent the landed products and if anything you end up with a better firework than you were expecting.

    BUT... Please sort out your Hong Kong candles @Celtic Fireworks. I think the first batch was a good replacement for the Shanghais but since then they have been a bit inconsistent with height and timings and I've used enough of them to justify saying that. They are good and it won't stop me buying them every year but they are the only Celtic line that I have not been 100% satisfied with. I know retail candles can be a bit hit and miss but if Shellscape and Klasek can do it right, I'm sure Celtic can.
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  12. Celtic Fireworks

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    @hofnerite we actually moved the manufacturer for 2021 - but they haven't been made yet so fingers crossed they will be better and more reliable than before!
  13. BarnOwl

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    yep echo a lot of what is said above. Love everything about this brand, from those professional like effects to their excellent iconic branding (reminds me of the Cube). A great benchmark for the industry in terms of raising the bar when the industry was in its transitional period of BS/CE

    Almost too many fantastic pieces to mention but Triple Crown, Stealth Rising, Slow then go, Chemical Romance, Ding Dong, Flash Gordon, Dark Demolisher, Twisting my melons all up there...
    However my ultimate favourite of theirs is still Afterglow. Such a stunning piece with those beautiful gold willows and trailing leaves...
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  14. geoff

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    Excellent Brand they do fireworks to cover all requirements.
  15. I filmed a couple of Celtic products over the weekend.
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