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    Sad news as the displays locally are starting to cancel. I know many have already been affected but I think a lot if it is knowing people cannot be trusted to socially distance and wear a mask properly. Still Two to announce but I can guess where it's going. The uncertainty around a second peak is the given reason. The best display in the area is the firework crazy review night sadly also cancelled. Maybe a couple of private displays like the members only golf club but I'm guessing the doors will be well and truely sealed to the public, where as usauly the rule is if you take along a big firework you can join. Guess myself and a few of the neighbours will have to make up for it :cool::rolleyes:
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  2. Mine has also been cancelled unfortunately so I am stuck with already plenty of fireworks for potentially a NYE or next year display.

    If anyone is interested in what I was going to fire, give me a direct message..........

    Cheers, Michael.
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    I’m not discouraged!
    I’m planning Ito fire a mini display in a very very small garden.
    The plan is to build baby versions of some classic set pieces ...a mini chromatrope 750 mm in diameter,,,small vertical wheels..and a waterfall approx 3 meters long and 3 meters high. That sort of stuff..interspersed with rockets ...mines and Roman candles.
    As usual’s the weather that’s in the mix.. fingers crossed!:confused::rolleyes:
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