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  1. Noticed a couple of pro displays have been cancelled in Scotland tonight including one of the bigger council ones in Paisley so what's everyones thoughts on when they would advise them to cancel? Do you have a set wind speed you won't fire in if it's towards the crowd for example? Or would you carry on with a scaled down/non shell display unless it was really bad? It must be a bit tricky with some people, councils, organisations etc trying to explain it to them...
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    This year I’ve had two days of sunshine but that’s down in the south east.

    A local display to where I’m firing tonight pulled there show earlier on in the week due to the weather forecast, hopefully my venue will benefit as they won’t be in competition.

    The client obviously has a desire to have a good show, but safety must override everything, if the wind is high or in the wrong direction items will be pulled if needed, either before or during the show.
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    We've moved/cancelled/rescheduled several this weekend up in Scotland. Poor wind direction and high speeds means they were totally unsafe. Some took our advice a day or so before, others required us to turn up on site even though we knew we were not going to fire the show in the forecasted conditions.

    Max wind speeds for each calibre at each site, along with constant wind speed monitoring and documenting. Some sites had 30mm cakes calculated to throwing debris 200+ meters towards the audience. These shows didn't even get out of the van, an early night for the crew.

    Tomorrow seems much better thankfully, scheduling nightmare...
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    Fired last night. Had winds from the south of about 30kmph.

    Fallout and wind direction were kept our side of the river and blown upstream with no risk to audience. Large area for us to use to mitigate.

    What we found was that the shells punched up and stayed almost above us. Some of our smaller cakes however were awful. Very poor height and very poor performance. That being said they aren’t cakes I’d have used in a garden let alone a large display with so much space to fill.

    I think the key point is that if the customer is aware of the circumstance (we discussed our plans before reaching the field which we have previous experience firing so knew how far we could go) and you’ve researched the weather and tried to mitigate risk. Ultimately a non fire or reduced show is a lot more palatable. Especially when safety has to be number 1. I kinda wish we pulled our show with the hope of a reschedule but so much went into their event that our preference was to make safe and fire. Even at the cost of the first few cake hits looking awful.
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    I had to try a few different caliber test cakes yesterday at a venue after client had swapped viewing position just to see where casings etc ended up prior to peep's arriving. A few products and effects pulled as a result. It was touch and go tbh and I had a conversation, no pressure from client to fire big, just to try. So I adjusted firing order, just in csse... ended up firing from crowd line with spotters positioned.
    All went well and crowd loved it.
    Now I'm off to one that did get rescheduled yesterday, yeah a day on a beach:rolleyes:
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    We got rained out up here in Elgin at 6:00-6:40 the bonfire started at 6:30, thankfully the rain stopped at 6:45, fireworks got set at 7 and was dry for us for the show. However I did notice the show was much slower and looked like half as much stuff this year and as per my post about the complaints last year because they were dumbasses as stood there to long when they seen fallout coming to them three times. Anyways seems they got there wish and ruined the show.

    I still loved it was kinda like a fan effect zero noise you could hear the crowd talking then there would be some big shells then they repeated this mostly over and over with the shells being the same accept for some and that's not like our display it got better since 2011 all the way up until this year. Sad that the crying public who don't pay a Pennie to the display get there way as always.
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    It has been touch and go on all our shows this season, one bonus though, it may have been windy but it has been dry!
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  8. Hope all of you who are firing tonight have safe shows. We've had 3 shows cancel on us but still have 6 going ahead. I'd suggest look out for wind direction for fallout. Move audience if this doesn't fit in.
    Good luck to all tonight and STAY SAFE!!
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    Luckily, I have one tomorrow , and not tonight!
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  10. What a nasty evening of weather that was. Still can’t get warm
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    Yeah, Saturday was horrible. All done now though!