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  1. Daveandkate

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    Evening guys
    I have a photoshoot with our latest customers car to come out of the garage but my problem is can't get clear shots of it the car is matte black and stupidly shiny carbon fibre parts all over it
    Any recommendations folks
  2. wireworks

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    Need some more info, what light you shooting in and what lens are you using
  3. Pyro Ed

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    All about the lighting more than the camera. As a starting point manual mode with ISO 400 ish (depending how much light) tripod, F8-11 and whatever shutter speed is needed. Go plus-minus a few stops on whatever shutter speed you try to make the picture lighter or darker as required.
  4. Daveandkate

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    Pictures will be taken outside also some inside with led lighting
  5. RocketRev

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    Is this going to be one of those occasions that merits work in computer post photoshoot...... There are some times when I resort to adjusting shadows in Photoshop (or equivalent) to leave the highlights and mid-tones alone, but pull a bit more detail / texture from shadows. I used to love shooting with slide film for the extra dynamic range it used to have over negatives. (I know there can be arguments about this! But negatives always got printed and the picture lost dynamic range at that point. And I've got slides that I can pull more from than I can with negatives.) Or is this a problem with the shiny carbon fibre giving reflections and over blown highlights whilst the matte black stays characterless solid black? In which case I wonder if the only solution would be a car sized diffused lighting tent?