Canon mv730i instruction manual

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  1. I wanted to have a quick look though my instruction manual to check some setting for tomorrow night (1st time i have used my camcorder to film fireworks) And while in the box i can find instruction manuals for every other language, the software that came with it, lots of leads, spare tapes etc i cant find the manual.

    I have looked all over the place and its now driving me mad!!

    Does anyone know where i can d/l a copy of this. I have found somewhere that is selling them for £15 or on ebay for £4 but i dont really want to do that as i know how to use it its just for referance.

    Any help??

  2. PowderFinger

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    Have you checked out the Cannon site here
    Cannon 730

    But it should be just a matter of turning off AutoFocus, and set focus manually to close to infinity.
    Also if there is a Night Shot feature, try enabling that.

  3. Pyro Pete

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    Beware Night Shot as this can turn the shot green. You need focus set to infinity (unless you're filming from two feet away :D ) and exposure set at around 75% depending on your camcorder. I'll be there tomorrow feel free to pick my brains (before I start drinking) or copy my settings. Remember your tripod, umbrella, and something to clean the lens if it gets rained on.
  4. Cheers guys. Its now 12.30 and i am very drunk from a night in the pub with a few mates!!

    Will bring my tri pod and i know how to set infinitive focus. Think the manual said to set to spotlight for filming fireworks. Will have a chat with pete when i get there. Hope to be at the woodmans late afternoon to meet a few people and look at the set up. Said i will treat the mrs to a meal in the pub!!!! She may seem a bit down as she is very tired and has to be at work at 5am tomorrow!! She finishes at 2pm so will prob leave sometime after that. If she seems unfriendly its just that she is tired and i have dragged here to a "firework thing"
    Sure she will be ok!!

    See you all soon

  5. I hope not. Then it would feel like a Sussex bonfire night and you all might frown on some of our practices!! :D

  6. Infact most of you have seen the crazy stuff in Valencia so dont think you would be shocked.