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    Since when do listed buildings have to have a pig free safety zone.... and of 2 miles???! (And I'm used to looking after listed buildings - so many churches are.)

    As for car care products - I use Autoglym. Not the cheapest by quite a margin, but I favour the quality and effectiveness rather than low prices.
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    Their deicer and windscreen wash is brilliant compared to the cheap supermarket stuff if you're willing to pay the extra.

    This must be a tough and crowded market Chris given that Amazon stock and deliver a lot of the big brands?
  3. I enjoy scented products, bodycare products, incense and my candles :) I don't think for external cleaning scent is a big deal, but for interior sure it is relevant. like general cleaning and ambinet smell and air freshners of course.

    as a general point for scented products there is at the moment a move for some to be cleaner (as in chemicals limited) and even vegan.

    ok. at the moment car care products are not such a main focus but i do think as a general thing with scented products there is a growing awareness about chemicals , animal products etc - and thus (in time) maybe a market for more naturally scented internal products.

    if nothing else, this very thread has got me thinking about it :)

    edit to add- looking at your website, this is exactly the sort of thing I feel is important- you mention made from essential oils, that is the sort of thing exactly I was refering to as well. :)
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  4. Thanks for the advice, have placed a small order.

    Will see how I get on, never know.. it might replace my usual brand (I do have another weekend car which is kept clean :p )
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    Here's one for you Chris. Our drive is over shadowed by a large Ash tree with ivy grown in abundance. In spring/early summer the ivy is awash with purple berries. Wood pigeons come to the tree, eats lots of purple berries and then crap out huge amounts of very dark purple, tar like shite. In absolutely no time this hardens off into the hardest substance known to man - nothing at all like normal bird poo. Some of the dollops can be twice the size of a 50p piece.

    I have tried Autoglym tar removar and various other tar/shite removers......none have worked. The only thing that helps is extremely hot water and a 'gentle' scourer and lots of patience.

    I have shot more of these pigeons than can be counted, the dead ones are very quickly replaced by others wishing to feast on the berries. I've all but given up on that approach.

    A challenge for you...??
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    It's a saturated market like any industry nowadays but I'm a firm believer of good branding and every product has been formulated exclusively for us, nothing is rebranded so we know exactly the kind of results as long as the consumer follows the instructions. We've only done the products since last year but we're already smashing every target, we're now in the process of having a branded gazebo made so we can attend various local and International car shows.

    Exactly this, scents and vibrant colour is definitely a huge selling point. We try to make every product with a nice scent, for example our interior dressing gives a satin OEM finish (Not everyone likes that horrible gloss and silicone all over their dash/plastics), the scent being Pina Colada.

    Our snow foam is Tutti Frutti. Glass Cleaner is Bubblegum. We're in the process of implementing the Davidoff Cool Water aftershave for our interior & upholstery cleaner. It's not always possible with every product.

    Thanks for the order, be with you Tuesday :)

    That's difficult, I wouldn't normally recommend car covers as they can scratch the paint particularly if caught in the wind. However it might be something worth considering, either that or chainsaw the tree (Might not be that easy though)

    It will be difficult to remove and like any bird poo if left for long periods can etch into your paintwork, the only way to remove this is by machine polishing or in some cases wet flatting.
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    @paul s
    Chris can come over, clean your motor then cut the tree down with that stilh saw he got for Xmas:D
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    Never thought of it like that. Could be a new service? :p:p
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    I'm thinking of investing in an AK47 tbh. The old 14 shot Weihrauch can't keep up.

    Pigeon there's a new firework name for one with long burning kamuro effect
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    Lol I had some pretty bad paint damage after Plymouth last year!!
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    So I am Currently using Bilt Hamber Auto Foam 1:10 or 1:5 depending how bad it is and Valet Pro Bilberry wheel cleaner, not been using a TFR. Bilt Hamber Auto Wash shampoo for the contact clean then Car Pro ReLoad 1:1 externally and 1:10 internally with distilled water.

    Hope that’s what you were after
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    That's brilliant thanks Jon.
  14. Exactly yeah, and I think too more and more people are tuned in to the benefits' of natural scents - as you menion on the ar freshners. moreover the is always room i think for someone to try something new, just as people like wearing aftershaves and perfumes i think its a think that is more popular than ever for household and cars. eg reed defusers in homes are something that really has just appeared over the last few years