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  1. We were asked to produce something a little more special than the traditional showcase at last weekends Carters Steam Fair fireworks display (it took place in the fair owners home town) this is what we came up with :)

    (Switch to 4K if you can)

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  2. elmo

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    @Illusion Fireworks
    Liked that a lot...
    Was waiting for the ‘oh oh oh oh oh explode’ moment
    :cool: Class;)
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  3. wilkins1kc

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    I thought the opening shell was a bit louder than normal
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  4. A nice little Italian number :)
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  5. wilkins1kc

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    If I had known it was you then I would have brought some cuppas across when you were setting up. I live right by the common.
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  6. Ah bugger, next year?
  7. Pukka show and loved some of that pyro especially the swimming stars and hummers
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  8. hofnerite

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    Nice! That song was made for maroons.
  9. Not been to that event for a few years now and i must say the quality of the display has certainly improved!, the ones i remember were not much different to a back garden display with mainly smaller fireworks as the firing site is near two roads so big shells were hardly ever used.
  10. wilkins1kc

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    For sure, might even manage biscuits :)
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  11. You always manage to add a Valencian feel to the shows. Nice rhyrhmical/ staccato salutes with mines, and a lovely gold finale ;). Get a completely different feel at dusk compared to dark, makes the effects more subtle. We need a few more summer firework events in the UK :D.
  12. You are going to thoroughly enjoy Saturday :)
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  13. I sure am :D.
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  14. Tinderbox

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    Some lovely gear going up there.