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  1. New to the group and have a simple question. Although the law in the UK prohibits the consumer use of Cat F3 fireworks over 120 dB, do Cat F3 fireworks exist that exceed that level. If so how would a professional firework operator be able to know which ones may be above the regulated 120 dB? Is the noise level printed in the packaging or the firework itself ???? Thanks
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    None are above the 120dB threshold. If they were they wouldn't get through CE and BS regulations. Batches are tested regularly to make sure they conform.
    The vast majority of CAT F3 fireworks are much quieter than the 120dB limit.
    To put it simply - all CAT F3 fireworks on sale in the UK do not exceed 120dB.
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  3. Many thanks for that, very helpful indeed
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    And to further answer your extremely precise and well termed question. On Category F4 fireworks (for professional use only) the noise limit and distance at which that limit is measured appears in box B.
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    The loudest pieces will not even break the 110db mark, due to risk of running over the legal 120db limit due to minor manufacturing innacuracies. The majority of cat3 will be below 100db, a lot of which under 90db. You can talk over most pieces with a slightly raised voice to put it into perspective. It's a shame really as the noise limit and NEC restrictions on individual consumer fireworks means that the rockets and barrages from a decade ago are no longer available. I miss the monstrous boom followed by the big spread (hence the bigger bang) and hang time of the old gold label kings :rolleyes:. Those black mamba rockets that everyone used to get cheap from Morrison's were also a firm favourite around this area and added an element of healthy competition amongst other local pyro lovers, almost like a mini display championship. We used to take it in turns throughout the weekend, and I think we usually won due to the bigger garden and fallout space behind :D. Shame it's all gone quiet in the last decade, the snowflakes just can't handle it anymore, they've got too used to quiet pyro and the edited sound of BBC London NYE fireworks :(.
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    If you put your ear close to the packaging it whispers the db limit to you...soon to be a legal requirement :p
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    Some of the loudest fireworks are actually Cat F2 whistling or crackling fountains. Ground effects measured at 8 metres.

    Welcome to the forum @Jayfire124
    If you need any more factual answers please feel to ask. We are here to help.
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    Simple solution if you're looking to go over the 120db multiples of the loudest fireworks that are legally available and let them all off at once ;) Youll have your very own Mascleta! :D I think the physics works out with that suggestion! :)
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    True but I think with the amount of eyes on this forum at the moment in regards the government inquiry and new members (who could be on either side of the fence) wanting us to clarify laws etc, we shouldn't be encouraging anything that could be used against us. ;)
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    Yeah, sorry about that, I should have known better! :oops:...I just had my Valencian hat on, it being that time of year.

    Of course, if you are going to use noisy fireworks, or any fireworks for that matter, always consider your surroundings and neighbors
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    No. Decibels is a logarithmic scale so adding say two 60db products together will not produce 120db total.

    You could also introduce factors such as phase difference and wave cancellation which would effect the results. Very tricky subject which I don't pretend to understand!!
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    That expkains why when i fired 2x miners revenge tohether it seemed quieter than the 1 on its own I tried. Every wavekength has a peak and trough or a crest and a wake. If the 2 overlap when travelling past/thro7gh each other, you will get the 2 waves cancelling out and reducing the amplitude when they merge . The only way you could obtain a larger amplitude would be in the rare event of 2 waves aligning in sync, or in harmony. And that's my knowledge ends.
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    No. But the farmer's wife next to me can easily exceed that, when she goes off on one if I light a couple in my garden on NYE.

    Maybe I should petition against screeching (it upsets the budgie).
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  15. TGR


  16. I have to brace myself every time I pull a party popper ... just in case the SAS come crashing through my windows because of a suspected terrorist attack.
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    I do find it all quite amusing, in my spare time im i blacksmith in a built up area, you can hear me whacking an anvil down the street, but if I were to let some fireworks off mid year,mid week someone would be shouting from somewhere, as proven each year in july when I let a few off for my birthday!
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    These moaners do not think twice about mowing their grass,cutting their hedges etc all over the weekend, hours and hours of noise,

    Let off 30secs of fireworks, = outrage, very bloody sad,

    On a side note,i see that two more horses have died out Cheltenam,but surprisingly enough they cant blame it on fireworks !
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    Just tell them you're shodding horses. The complaints will immediately stop. ;)
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