Cake/Barrage Celtic 6 Pack

Discussion in 'Celtic Fireworks' started by Rocketsculler, May 13, 2018.

  1. 6x 16 shot 20mm bore cakes 1.3g

    Total NEC: 697g (around 116.17g each)

    Price: Typically around £50

    Category: CE F2

    My video of the Celtic 6 Pack fired 4th November last year, film around 40-50 metres away. Video not the sharpest.

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  2. paul s

    paul s Supports UKFR

    Can't knock that for £50. Some very good bursts.
  3. hofnerite

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    These are superb. Fired two packs last year and the breaks from such small cakes are incredible. Beats the old Supreme 6 packs hands-down.