Celtic standouts

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  1. Fired these tonight 10 out of 10. Gold finger. Golden dragon Intense fire ring absolute stunning
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  2. Glad you made this thread - I was wanting to make one for the exact same reason, I fired 10 out of 10 last night and it was incredible - How Celtic manage to make such good use of the 1KG limit for 100 shots is really impressive. Big breaks, good colour, nice variety - the audience's favourite
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  3. Triple crown still my absolute favourite by celtic. First ever celtic cake I fired to start off New year when it was fairly new and unknown. Awesome cake if you like gold brocade and a great hang time. Not seen anything F3 that does it as good. 6 together as a finale with 2x Brexit at the end was sky filling :D.

    Not forgetting the 2x Vivid Screaming Banshee, 6x Celtic Rocks, 3x Zeus Hulk rockets and 6x Zeus Zeus rockets over the top :p.

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  4. Rob perry

    Rob perry Supports UKFR

    I'm looking forward to 10 out if 10 and goldfinger next year (didn't this year as I already had suprise from brothers) I had Jibber jabber, bish bash bosh and miners revenge 2. All were incredible
  5. That was fucking awesome bud!
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  6. maxywell

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    Big daddy, beast from the east, oceanic and quantum power are probably my favs, i haven't used 10 out of 10 or triple crown yet so might give them a try next year. :D
  7. danielpyronutter

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    Fantastic and Rainbow Revenge for me, awesome pieces.
  8. Rob perry

    Rob perry Supports UKFR

    Yeah I had quantum power was great too.
  9. hofnerite

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    That's brilliant!
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  10. Fired a pair of Gold fingers last night. Excellent piece.
    Beautiful golden tails too blue tipped golden willow breaks.
    Reaches quite a hight too. Stunning.
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  12. I'm really impressed by beast from the east, fired two together, absolute stunning piece. Would definitely have again, and again!
  13. maxywell

    maxywell Supports UKFR

    I liked bfte too, each cake would've been good even on it's own and it had good sized bursts for 25mm.
  14. Mix It Up is probably one of the most overlooked new fireworks of 2019 .............. Awesome firework at an amazing price!
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  15. bangtidy69

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    Big daddy was a damm fine firework was very impressed will upload some vids. Thanks Saj ;)
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  16. Anyone fired fantastic? Look good
  17. danielpyronutter

    danielpyronutter Pro Firer/Crew Supports UKFR

    Yes fired 3 in pro displays, the finale is awesome, rainbows revenge is another to look at.
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  19. Madfish

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    @Celtic Fireworks

    In the above video, is the 10 shot straight volley with mine (at 51 seconds) intended before the fanned volleys or was it meant to fire last over the fan for the finale?
    Great cake anyway :)
  20. danielpyronutter

    danielpyronutter Pro Firer/Crew Supports UKFR

    Pretty sure it was the finale when I fired them
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