Center parcs fireworks..

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  1. Just watched fireworks at Center Parcs. Very good show.

    Impressed by the copper colours and some nice glitter tail looking effects.

    Would like to know if there are any consumer copper and glitter tail rockets for me next year ;)

    Does anyone know if CP gets a firework company in or do they do the shows in-house?
  2. hofnerite

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    Not sure about rockets but if you want copper colour then these two cakes are the best out there:

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  3. luke

    luke Pro Firer/Crew

    Centre Parcs get companies in, not sure who has the contract these days.
  4. K9Girl

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    Or some Redemptions......................:p
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  5. Jono88

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    It’s done by a pro company. Which one were you at?
  6. elmo

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    Thought it was Pyrotex ??
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  7. I thought it was as well Mel has been posting on facebook he was there.
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  8. mel

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    We Pyrotex do Elveden and Longleat, Walk the Plank do the rest.
  9. luke

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    That would explain why I wasn’t sure as I’ve Pyrotex and Walk the Plank crew members on Facebook
  10. itstricky

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    Superb show at Elvedon this Wednesday just gone @mel , my four year old loves "the ones which go BANG" and my almost-two-year-old has been saying bang ever since.

    The heart-shaped shell bursts were a nice touch.
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  11. mel

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    @itstricky great to here that, should have popped over to have a look around