Cake/Barrage Chaos Theory

Discussion in 'Primed Pyro' started by Caldari, Dec 21, 2018.

  1. Caldari

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    100 Shot
    Cat 3

  2. Caldari

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    @Krony I see you fired one on YouTube what did you think of it?. I know you wanted them fired at an angle.
  3. Krony

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    This was fired at a Galactic test night on 14/12/18, was supposed to be a pair angled out but only one fired.
    Decent cake and very similar to Hercules.

    Filmed from approximately 100m.
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  4. Caldari

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    Yea I read on YouTube someone saying similar to Hercules I guess if you don't have access to that cake then if this cakes there you can get that instead :)
  5. danielpyronutter

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    Nice but I prefer stormblast which is basically a Celtic big daddy
  6. hofnerite

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    That's not just similar to Hercules - it is exactly the same cake by the looks of it!
    Well... the landed product is anyway. The official video is very different.
  7. Similar but different:

    Similar pattern.
    Different shot count, break quality, and price.
  8. Better or worse do you think?
  9. All fireworks are subjective, one may prefer one, another may prefer the other.

    I do have a personal preference, but either are great pieces. :)
  10. Krony

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    Both good fireworks but tbh i have never really been a fan of either, I always preferred Real Steel over Hercules as that type of firework.