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  1. One thing I have found is that those very cheap boxes, though not really anything of note, are none the less good fun for times like now (lockdown) just for the fun of something to light. You get about 20 fireworks for a fiver so it's only like 25p each. I'm tempted to stockpile! (kidding!)
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  2. They've got barely any powder in them, so you can get a good number in with no worries lol. I do agree though, there is something beautifully appealing about a crappy little box. By far the most underrated part of any good fireworks collection
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    £5 selection boxes are a bit like cherry lips. A load of shite but we love them in a strange nostalgic way. And, they don’t upset the neighbours.
  4. I have the bright star monster box I think that surprised me how good it was! Again youd only really light them for yourself not take them to a gathering
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  5. The Bright Star Family box is good for £9.99, a lot of fireworks for your money and the effects are not bad, i have fired them on my Birthday before just for fun, it's in July so can't fire them until after 10 but no loud noise so it's fine,
  6. I must admit, i'm quite partial to them little £5 TNT boxes that you get from the Supermarkets.

    Think I've still got a few plugged away still :)
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    TNT do the best crappy little boxes. I buy loads during season. Fantastic to take to a summer BBQ party for a giggle. Still got a few.
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  8. I intend to make sure there is always a £5 box in my posession going forward. Still got a few spinners and crackling balls left, but all the mini strobe and fountains have been sacrificed!
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  9. this is true, I had that one too- I'd say certainly if it is a bit discounted it is great value.
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  10. Monster is pretty good as there is only one crackling fountain and plenty of colour.
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  11. yeah, it seems the very cheapest boxes in most ranges are good value for money.
  12. I think it's because it's impossible to say they aren't. No ones under any illusion that they might be really awesome fireworks, for 30-odd pence per firework that's never going to be the case. They're small, cheap and give you 15 minutes of fun for the very smallest of outlays. There's nothing to dislike really :)
  13. Totally- for less then a cost of a cigarette you can have a firework!