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  1. mike hadley

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    Well seen as its getting closer thought best make some decisions on delivery's then this happened didn't mean to but seen as its not landing till Dec thought best get some while its still in stock:rolleyes: :) :cool:
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  2. I stocked up before Christmas last year!, got more to come though.
  3. BarnOwl

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    Nothing better than opening up a delivery box and seeing a load of quality pyro staring back at you...
  4. mike hadley

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    Well now have got home from work and unpacked it all there was a lovely added extra many thanks wayne @Fireworks Shop awesome service , now for delivery number 2 in a few weeks
    IMG_20210914_221615.jpg excuse the decorations behind its my babys toy room IMG_20210914_221654.jpg
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  5. mike hadley

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    It wasn't even me it was my missus that got that pleasure :mad::mad: , loves them more than me if thats possible
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  6. Like Hen's teeth them Bomben and Gigant Rockets.
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  7. AlanCee29

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    Offt I'm liking those Bomben rockets :eek: I'll need to pick a pack up when I'm down that way Wayne they look Brilliant :cool:
  8. TGR


    I don't often rant and I will refrain now BUT I will say this:

    We at the BFA have spent the past umpteen years fighting to keep the UK firework industry alive, and battling at every turn prevent more fireworks being banned and greater restriction placed on genuine pyro fans.

    I then see items like the salute rockets being touted, where their sole purpose is to create noise (nuisance) and are of real questionable legality. It make me wonder why I and my colleagues should bother.

    If you want 90dB Cat f2 cakes with 50g max pyro comp, and you need a licence to fire them then carry on as you are.
    If you want a good selection of 120dB Cat F3 cakes and rockets, and can have full unrestricted enjoyment then lay off the banger, airbombs, salute rockets and cakes.
    All they do is piss off the public and create the anti-firework feeling.

    end of minor rant.
  9. The day they ban noisy fireworks is the day i stop buying them!, sick of the same old effects and that damn annoying crackle!
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  10. TGR


    We don't want a ban on noisy fireworks, 120dB is fine. Fireworks that just produce noise are illegal, they are the ones the anti-firework brigade go on about and they will be the death of the industry.

    If you wish to destroy your own hobby, I can't stop you but I can stop trying to fight the case on your behalf.
  11. crackle is the worst effect ever, next to high pitched whistles. we need more 'ejects stars and bangs' types. ;)
  12. im not in a rush to get drawn too deeply into this, but a large percentage of the anti lobby are just 'anti' and want ALL fireworks banned. they cite bogus stats often out off context quotes and incidents simply to achieve their desired aim.

    For the record i respect the efforts put into keeping fireworks legal, but there will always be a section of society who want something, anything, banned, in this case its fireworks.
  13. TGR


    "a large percentage of the anti lobby are just 'anti' and want ALL fireworks banned"

    That is correct, however what we must not do is give them any further ammunition by pushing boundaries and as I say above by importing questionable product ( a pure salute / report firework) . These rockets are no different to the old shock rockets which almost got ALL rockets banned in the UK many years ago.
  14. K9Girl

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    Totally with you on this @TGR I love fireworks of all types, loud, quiet, pretty, even crackle............. but I don't get the product that only makes a noise (yes I get they also have an effect) but let's be honest any effect is only to get them legal here. I'm all for salutes at the end of a cake or to give a nice ending to a display but noise for the sake of it just plays into the hands of the idiots :rolleyes:
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  15. AlanCee29

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    I'm not a fan of Salutes, maybe it's my Scottish genes making me a tightarse but I prefer to get my money's worth lol so Cakes all the way for me, I've only bought one packet of Rockets this year and they are Sky Hunters the rest is mainly all cakes/compounds BUT I do want some of those Typhoons, are the Range selling Fireworks this year @TGR ?
  16. AF Pyro

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    The industry (rightly) argues that the noise from the majority of fireworks is part of the process of dispersing the effect(s) in the sky. However maintaining such an argument in the face of salute (aka report) effects is impossible and simply adds fuel to the fire for the introduction of greater restrictions. Consumers (and importers outside of the BFA) have no idea of the continued pressure the industry is under from all angles and the constant (sometimes on a daily basis) dialogue and explanations we go through! As @TGR has stated, products designed to simply produce noise, are not helpful and risk the entire industry and WILL lead to greater restrictions on the sale and use of fireworks in the UK...fact. So a quick fix today, may well mean the end of fireworks going forward.
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  17. Pyro Pete

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    @AF Pyro is there some mileage then in the industry "self regulating"? Getting together and sacrificing certain fireworks, despite them being legal, for the greater good? Or is this some magical unicorn sort of thing that could never happen in fireworks because there will always be a minority (majority?) of importers unwilling to do this? I get the impression that being in the BFA might be a thankless job at times.
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  18. AF Pyro

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    Most of the major improvements in firework safety over the years have been as a direct result of "self regulating" (bangers, mini-rockets, etc.). However the self regulation was then followed up with legislation by government. The BFA have regular dialogue with central government and this topic (and others) will be discussed at the next meeting (Government are aware of grey imports of undesirable products (not only fireworks), which is one reason why UKCA marking is being introduced). The current proposals are that Fireworks sold in the UK can only contain a UKCA mark and that duel marking (UKCA & CE) will not be permitted. This will mean that only product tested and approved for the UK will be permitted (legally) in the UK...thats the plan at the moment.

    We would also add that this is NOT scaremongering. The new legislation in Scotland (and further plans) are as a DIRECT result of the activity of a small minority of people using/misusing antisocial products and the vocal minority being listened to as a result. So to those who say "it will never happen", guess what!
  19. maxywell

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    I think the thing is that if one person imports/sells them then everyone feels like they have to or they'll be losing out. Dum bums and similar rockets must be very popular so if even one person sells them then everybody else will feel like they're being left behind if they don't stock them.
  20. TGR


    Hi Pete

    I can answer that.

    Industry does self regulate and has done so for many years but we are on an uneven playing field. How can UK industry prevent individuals buying product from Europe that may be banned here? The internet makes it impossible to do that.

    Air bombs, mini rockets and banger bans came about by industry first as a way of reducing anti-social behaviour and was then incorporated into the 1997/2003/2004 firework regs. We have openly discussed other items that cause nuisance now but a ban on these will shift the problem to other more hazardous products.
    Example: misuse of multi-shot roman candles. Ban these and you "may" reduce the instances of them being used as "Harry Potter wands" against other people and vehicles... BUT the anti-social element would either order them online from Europe, someone would import them directly using the " they are CE marked so must be legal " argument, or the yobs would move to using rockets or Cat 3 30mm cakes. A fireman colleague once said to me he would rather a yob fire an 8-shot RC at his fire engine than start lobbing bricks or firing 80g rocket at it and his crew. None of this would solve the problem.

    The BFA stance here is that the limitations on what we can and cannot use is correct, the right balance has been achieved, and further restriction is not warranted because this would lead to unintended consequences. We are pushing for the authorities to be more rigorous in enforcing the laws we have now and increase the associated penalties.

    From what I see and from feedback from Westminster departments the vast majority of UK importers do try their utmost to do things right, it really is a minority who push boundaries or fail to understand the complexities of all the regulations applicable to fireworks. Also, a quick search will reveal those who openly sell illegal fireworks via online stores and social media.

    During the recent ScotGov debates a surgeon gave a very compelling presentation about a young lad (16-ish) who lost most of one hand when a firework he was holding went off. The incident was in Ireland and ewe concluded that the injury was most certainly caused by a banger. It made no difference to those present and wanting firework restriction that it was an illegal item in a part of the UK where heavy restrictions were already in place. To them it was "a firework" and all get tarred with the same brush.

    It is a thankless task. You can spend hours explaining to someone that fireworks are noisy and that is part of how the beautiful effects get spread across the sky that everyone loves - and they show you a video of a rocket that has no effects, just goes bang and is purely there for the titillation of yobs intent on setting as many car alarms off as they can. How can I justify the existence of that kind of product?