Cheeky out of season stash

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    Little stash delivered this morning, thanks to @Fireworks Shop for a village xmas lights switch on event in December. No music and very little expectation means it *should* be a simple enough little display. I've got a few more leftovers from BFN - some candles, another Fluffy and Sundae Split, some strobes that will got into the display. Probably 4-5 mins.

    Dark Demolliesher of course for the final hit but not sure about the leadup to it. I wanted a Klasek Super White Strobe but they were sold out so went for the more rapid firing China White instead. Roar of the Beast is big bore, Styx is 25mm too so might combine China White with one of those. I'm STEP firing so can play along depending how it goes. Suggestions welcome! I've never fired Nebula Storm, Red Mist, China White or Roar of the Beast so if you have, let me know how you rate them.

    Should be good fun!
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    Cheeky indeed, should be a good night, festive and fireworky!
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  3. WR3_Pyro

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    Nice! Are you layering sundae split, colourful crossette and fluff over China white by any chance?
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  4. hofnerite

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    No idea yet. Needs to be 4-5 mins, that's all I have planned really. Just wanted a mix of effects and a few items I've not used before to try them out.
  5. That's a really nice little stash :smallstash:
    If I would have a firing order then I would do:
    1. Klasek Roar of the beast
    2. Celtic fireworks Red mist
    3. Jorge fireworks Candle barrage + Celtic fireworks Colourful crossette
    4. 2 X Celtic fireworks Storm
    5. Nebula storm
    6. Celtic fireworks Bam + Celtic fireworks Bom Bom
    7. Celtic fireworks Fluffy + Jorge fireworks Styx
    8. Celtic fireworks Sundae split + Colourful crossette
    9. Celtic fireworks China white
    10. Celtic fireworks Dark demolisher
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  6. BarnOwl

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    just shows the extent of pyro choice now available to the consumer, as have fired only a handful of that stuff shown in your pic. Positive is loads more to try out...
    Ironically enough I am picking up a Klasek 'Super White Strobe' from Epic soon for new year..
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  7. WR3_Pyro

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    You won’t be disappointed with SWS Mike.
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  8. maxywell

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    Agreed, one of the thickest strobiest strobe effects i've seen. :D
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  9. hofnerite

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    Yeah, don't rub it in! :p
  10. WR3_Pyro

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    China white is very good too!
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