Cheeky Request - WPS Member Invite

Discussion in 'Firing Systems And Fusing Fireworks' started by BritRich, Aug 4, 2016.

  1. I was wondering if anyone out there has a WPS Invitation going spare?

    I've already asked Ivars but unsurprisingly he has used all his.:rolleyes:
    I am looking to purchase the WPS hobby bundle and the discount for members would be a great help.

    Cost is a big factor but just as much is that this is made in the UK and well supported by Ivars.

  2. Dodgey

    Dodgey Pro Firer/Crew

    Pm me your email address ;)
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  3. Dodgey

    Dodgey Pro Firer/Crew

    It might have been common courtesy to reply, to this thread, or the PM I sent.

    Offer now withdrawn.
  4. Hi Dodgey,

    Sincere apologies its been a mad busy week and Ive been working away. Got logged on for a few minutes last week but the connection kept dropping.
    I've just sent you a PM and then seen this whole thread.

    Understood if the offer is now gone but it really was circumstances beyond my control and not ignorance.
  5. Dodgey

    Dodgey Pro Firer/Crew

    Thanks for the update - invite sent.
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  6. Pyro Pete

    Pyro Pete Forum Editor

    A happy ending :grouphug:

    Anyone that says forums and social media are divisive obviously haven't been on UKFR :whistle:
  7. Many thanks Dodgey, very much appreciated. :chair:
  8. K9Girl

    K9Girl Tinsel Town Sales Reduction Ambassador Supports UKFR

    :hijacked::hijacked: Hey @Dodgey don't have another invite do you? :p
  9. scoops

    scoops Pro Firer/Crew

    Are you trying to get another 50% off:p
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  10. K9Girl

    K9Girl Tinsel Town Sales Reduction Ambassador Supports UKFR

    No..............10%........... for all the bits to go with the half price unit :p
  11. scoops

    scoops Pro Firer/Crew

    Me likes your style!:cool:
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  12. npntransistor

    npntransistor Supports UKFR

    10% you say.......
    That would help offset shipping overseas I imagine, if one was in such a position.....
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  13. I was too excited to waste time looking for discount, it's in the post already :D
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  14. All's well that ends well.
    WPS system ordered on Friday.
    @Dodgey big thanks again for the invite.. every penny helps. Though I spent more than I saved on other bits n pieces with @Wireless Pyro Solutions
    @K9Girl GMTA. ( ) just what I ordered to go with my WPSTiny as well :) (sans remote)

    @Wireless Pyro Solutions Yep I'm tagging Ivars again as the service was just faultless. From my first inquiry, through questions and additions to the order to the email from the courier service saying it had been collected for delivery ... less than six hours.

    WPS Hobby / WPSmote / WPSTiny + cables, slats and e-match .. and damn it .. I 'do' have to work next week.
    One Happy Chap :chair:
  15. Pyro Pete

    Pyro Pete Forum Editor

    Photo proof will be required on delivery @BritRich :) Or you can't join the Tiny Club.
  16. Oh Oh .. another club! Camera at the ready ... COME ON Courier! (damn bank holidays!) :)
  17. elmo

    elmo Pro Firer/Crew

    Show us all your slats:rolleyes:
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  18. K9Girl

    K9Girl Tinsel Town Sales Reduction Ambassador Supports UKFR

    I've only got 2 perfectly sized ones, barely worth a picture................. :oops:
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  19. Right now, mine are being 'handled' by a courier ... :eek:
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  20. Well the courier didn't handle things as well as I would have liked. Seems my package is trundling around the UPS network somewhere. Still can't fault @Wireless Pyro Solutions as Ivars had messaged me before I even asked.
    I did call UPS just to try and make a point, had a 'strained' debate with a young lady there who after some time said ' you do realise we only loose 0.02% of our parcels.' A quick Google on how many parcels UPS delivers and I pointed out to her that is over 3,000 parcels a day. She then hung up. :rolleyes:
    Oh well, good things come to those that wait :)
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