Cheeky Request - WPS Member Invite

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  1. gonna be purchasing my first firing system from wps, if anyone has a spare invite they could share, it would be very much appreciated, thanks in advance
  2. Still looking for an invite if anybody has one, it would be very much appreciated, thanks
  3. Hi, would really be interested in an invite also if anyone has a spare? Need upgrade my cheap Chinese firing system that set off half my fireworks on their own last year.
  4. Likewise, does anyone have a spare WPS invite going spare they would be willing to PM me?
  5. Sean Smythe

    Sean Smythe Supports UKFR

    Does anyone still require an invite?
  6. yeah im still looking for one if you have one spare
  7. mike frost

    mike frost Pro Firer/Crew

    Yes I still do Sean if you happen to have 2 spare
  8. Sean Smythe

    Sean Smythe Supports UKFR

    Pm me your email address simon
  9. Me too if there is still any going
  10. Sean Smythe

    Sean Smythe Supports UKFR

    Pm me your email address I have 1 left
  11. Another cheeky request for a invite. Thanks
  12. If someone has one invite left, I would love to have it :)
    Thank you
  13. Does anyone still have an invite floating about and would be kind enough to share?
  14. FWorkDave

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    Looking to buy a pro system from WPS. If anyone has a spare members invite available it would be very much appreciated!
  15. I’ve been researching firing systems for months after buying a Firefly and being disappointed with the results. Cobra seems to be the popular choice, but lack of local script execution seems like one more thing waiting to screw up a show. I’ve decided on WPS and would appreciate a members invite if anyone has a spare.
  16. Jon

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    Not sure what you mean?

    When you arm the system the remote sends the script out to all modules and then the remote just sends a timecode, the modules themselves run the script.
  17. Maybe I misunderstood the documentation or the docs are incorrect? From the scripting manual on the Cobra website:

    Note:The 18R2 fires all cues in realtime while executing. Cobra uses a proprietary gridfire overlapping technology which sends two separate overlapped 1-18 grids across two channels. The grids are sent as pulses that overlap with previous commands such to maintain high reliability at the fastest 1/10th second firing rate. This same technology also allows manual firing of cues while scripts are executing.
  18. Jon

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    oh, interesting interpretation. @cobrafiringsystems can you clear this up?
  19. This changed in 3.x firmware and later. Now (for the first loaded script), the script is loaded on each module upon Arming, and everything just passes around a heartbeat / time packet of sorts.

    You can still shoot manually over the top of a script.

    If you load more than one script onto your remote (there is documentation on the website regarding how to do this), it reverts to the 2.x and prior script format with live firing and the older timing restrictions, as referenced in-part in the quoted post above.

  20. In 3.0.3+ firmware, the COBRA 18R2 uploads the script into the modules. This allows for unlimited channel / cue firing - there is no restriction. You can also manually fire while a script is running. Our grid firing technology also supports manually firing multiple cues at the same time. It's the best of both worlds. The Control Panel UI also has a manual firing feature that shows you current script position, and previous and next event to fire including time and description.

    @rd206, I am sorry you made this decision based on mis-information
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