Children firing fireworks??

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  1. Hey guys bit of a random one.
    Small chinese 12 cue fring system in 4 cue boxes with basically a tv remote..
    At a private display what are the legalities if any of allowing a child to fire a cue or two. Obviously being remote fired the child would be with the spectators so absolutely nowhere near the actual fireworks.
    Or is it a :quasi: moment
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    Not something the law has probably cosidered but if you think of pro shows started by a punter with a button, their technically firing cat 4. So prob no issue with it
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    I would argue " Under Supervision", on the highways only one person needs to hold creditation for a small group of operatives as he or she would be " Supervising", so a member of the audience would be being " Supervised".

    The age issue is a bit grey, the law from what I understand only prescribes minimum age requirements for the purchase and possession of fireworks, so aslong as it was only the remote the child has in their hand I would presume thats fine. As an example I have personally let a handfull of children under the age of 16 " press the button" to fire a display, personally I see no issue, aslong as you have rigged the pyro safely, it is at safe distances, the remote is only active when you are ready and safe to fire, then really what would the problem be? If it is a family thing then who would know anyway?
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    Thats my son at 3 yrs old electronically firing a fountain supervised by his grandad..... best lock me up and throw away the key

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    :goodpost: in other words, carry on.
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    AFAIK the prohibition is possessing/using fireworks in a public place if under age. If it's in a private place doesn't apply.
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  7. cheers for the responses i allowed a few kids this year to do it but then had the afterthought yesterday on the legalities. as a parent had told me they been called into the school cause little jimmy had been going around tellling teachers that he set fireworks off at a party. thought i might be in for a knock at my door :dog:
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    I think you explained it was done remotely everything would be fine.....

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