Chinese New Year.

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  1. Billy Brutal

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    Chinese New Year falls on Saturday 25th January this year, is anyone planning anything?
    Seasonal retailers can sell fireworks in the three days preceding this but usually don’t bother.
    It is also one of the dates where fireworks can legally be set of until 1am but I doubt my neighbours would appreciate it!
    I will have the family over for our usual Chinese takeaway and a few quieter fireworks. I may do something a little bigger this year as it is a Saturday night. :D
  2. maxywell

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    It must be by far the least celebrated of the 4 main fireworks related events in the UK.Must admit i dont't remember seeing or hearing anything on Chinese new year in the last few years.I'm surprised they even made exceptions for times, seasonals etc.
  3. hofnerite

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    I did a Chinese New year display for the school a few years back. An idiot complained and that was the last I was allowed to do.
    Sign of the times I guess. :mad:
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  4. Never heard a firework round here at Chinese New Year ever!
  5. danielpyronutter

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    Looks like the perfect time for a meet up then lol.
  6. I’m very tempted.
  7. Pyro Pete

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    It's never been a "thing" here in Ipswich either, but I will listen out for anything.
  8. Dont think ive heard or seen any back garden fireworks on this night for years round this way bill!
  9. deans6571

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    ...none round my way neither. :(
  10. Pyromania

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    There used to be a really good Chinese restaurant in Colchester that had a great CNY celebration every year, where they would shut the street off, have the dragons doing the dances up and down the road then finish with a firecracker display in the street - the whole area was often covered in red paper if the weather was anything more than slightly breezy!

    Sadly the restaurant closed some years ago, and that was the last CNY celebrations that I know of round this way...:(
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  11. gareth71

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    25th is also Burns Night. Haggis chow mein with neeps'n'tatties spring rolls, anyone?!
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