Choices, choices.. Vivid Pyrotechnics 2020 #F3Pro aditions

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  1. We'll be making a few additions to our F3Pro Display range for 2020 - we've used all the items in our pro shows (@Fire Monkey Pyro) and everything lived up to our expectations against standard cat4 alternatives.

    The feedback from alot of you through facebook and UKFR has been well received and it's great to see you guys loving the products too!:cool:

    Lets be honest, it's not cheap and duration is not for the "Joe blogs" punter.. It's also never going to be a Firework shops best/fast moving products but its great to see most have given the opportunity for you guys to get hold of the range!


    Love to hear your thoughts on these 2, many available under F4 but none for F3.. Both 48 shot Z firing 30mm low(er) noise finale cakes, if you used similar cakes from us this year you'll know how HUGE they are..

    Which would you chose and let's talk names!? :p

    Ps; google drive is Naf for video sharing.. Click the pop out window box if it asks you to download!
  2. Billy Brutal

    Billy Brutal Senior Supermarket Unboxer Supports UKFR

    I’ll take both.
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  3. paul s

    paul s Supports UKFR

    The first one is my choice........"Blue on Blue"
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  4. Da Main Mouse

    Da Main Mouse Supports UKFR

    I know this is f4 and does not concern me but I think viv123456789 is a good name :)

    Oh wait you want actual names now :D

    Sorry I just couldnt help it :oops:

    Ill be more constructive in future :p
  5. m00ny

    m00ny Celtic Stash Photo Winner 2015 Supports UKFR

    Both nice but l also prefer the first, from memory there is less like it on the market. I'd call it Blue Peacock.
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  6. I'd go for the first one too! ... "Emerald Sea"
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  7. Pyro Pete

    Pyro Pete Forum Editor

    First for me too, though both are very nice.
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  8. hofnerite

    hofnerite UKFR Stash Photo 2018 Winner! Supports UKFR

    Definitely the first one. Lovely piece!
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  9. Its F3 bud
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  10. Ill have both ;)

    Blue peacock and emerald sea are both good names!! feel sorry for the person who has to pick the final one :eek:

    @Vivid Pyrotechnics id like to see another mine on the market like the kim bolton and sorverin ones? Think you could do that?
  11. They are both awesome, but the first one for me
  12. K9Girl

    K9Girl Tinsel Town Sales Reduction Ambassador Supports UKFR

    Oh, thank the lord :):p
  13. First one blue lagoon?
  14. Lee boy

    Lee boy Supports UKFR

    First one blue breeze :cool:
  15. How high do they go, could you fire another cake over the top?

    Something like

  16. Da Main Mouse

    Da Main Mouse Supports UKFR

    yeah totally read all that wrong didn't I? :confused:

    Ok heres my suggestion, if its all aimed at the more professional use, is it bad of me to suggest naming them after the effect?
    As someone who dreads trying to remember all the names of stuff I want.:D

    So something like Rapid Fan Blue Star with Emerald Lift, Or Rapid Red Crackle Fan :rolleyes:

    If we cast that out the way, then
    Stuff like this is good, but with added Frantic or Raging to suggest the more rapid nature.

    Raging Peacock, Turbulent Emerald Sea etc..
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  17. hofnerite

    hofnerite UKFR Stash Photo 2018 Winner! Supports UKFR

    I think fireworks are missing a bit of Chinglish nowadays so I'd go for...
    "Blue coconuts spawning upstream in an alarming wipe"
  18. Pyro Pete

    Pyro Pete Forum Editor

  19. They both look amazing, I would probably suggest 1. Blue Star Finale and 2. Red Star Finale. I couldn't split the two and I would love to add these to my stash next year!
  20. Get a poll going :)
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