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    Hello All
    To everyone who ordered during March Madness I would like to thank you all for the fantastic response

    We are travelling South to Ipswich & Norwich on the weekend of 22nd July.

    If anyone on route to these areas from Manchester require any pyro, send us a message and see what we can do for you.
    We like to provide a more personal service and deal with you directly not just through our website:grouphug:

    A little update on our plans for 2017

    We have been extremely busy here at Chorlton Fireworks:chair: planning the way forward for the 2017 season.

    Firstly we have finally been able to bring our first own brand firework in which has been wrapped for us.
    It is called Lightning Strike and has 100 shots ........ Excited!
    Lightning Strike Firework.JPG
    Keep your eyes open for the UK video footage once they have landed. :huvideo:

    Secondly we have many many new lines coming in for 2017 well over 20 New line from all the leading brands. I will update as they arrive

    Thirdly we are currently in the middle of a shop refurb ... woop woop. It is taking longer than expected but seems like these things always do lol :beam:
    Can not wait for it to be finished. We have over doubled the display area, as we just did not have enough space to display everything we stock and want to stock. We are aiming to have the largest range of quality fireworks in the North West.
    I will add some images when complete:love:

    On a personal note, it's been fantastic to see how active the forum has been from early in the year when it typically fades of for a while. Its been great :) Lets keep it going!!!!
    Then the meet up. Amazing work by all involved. What a night. It was great to meet everyone again and some for the firsts time.


    Firework Shops.JPG


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