Christmas Crackers warning..........

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  1. Remember please to do the appropriate risk assessment for your Christmas crackers..........

    Potential problems can include
    noise pollution,
    alarm (sudden noise)
    repetitive strain injury
    distress (rubbish gift inside)

    Remember to be careful with the sharp edges on the hats too, a paper cut to the forehead could result..........

  2. What about those eyebrows! Light your Xmas Pud at arms length with a roth> ;)
  3. Pyro Pete

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    :D Full PPE it is then this Xmas!

    I was once told you can always win a cracker by NOT pulling and just gripping it, and letting your "opponent" pull. Tried this last Xmas and it worked for me! :D
  4. This is dead true, works nearly every time :D There is a mathmatical equation that apparently bears out the theory:


    P = the ‘probability’ - between 1 where you have no chance of winning and 10 for certainty that you will win the pull…

    J = the ‘jerk factor’ - The ratio of how much you are pulling compared to your opponent. This ranges between 1 where you are keeping dead still - where as your opponent is doing all the active pulling, through to 10, the reverse situation, when you are tugging hard.

    T = the ‘twist factor’ - This again ranges between 1 and 10. 1 means you are not twisting your end of the cracker away from the cracker body, and 10 is for the extreme situation when you twist your end to be right angles to the body of the cracker.

    Ny and No = the total number of times you and your opponent respectively have won when pulling crackers.

    OR ..... put simply..... KEEP :xxx: STILL!!!!
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    :huh: hehe :D