Clap/cheer for NHS @ 8pm tonight... With fireworks?!

Discussion in 'Fireworks Forum Chat And Discussion' started by Pyro Ed, Mar 26, 2020.

  1. Pyro Ed

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    I've seen a few companies on facebook are looking at doing this... Any others lighting up a rocket @ 8pm?
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  2. danielpyronutter

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    Yea why not
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  3. Gonna do a bigger garden show to celebrate the end of lockdown, but will send up my 1 spare 30mm DB single shot and a blue & white brocade Sky Hunter I have left over. After all it is the NHS colours ;)
  4. I was tempted with the two dum bum candles that failed to light last year or few war hawks
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  5. hofnerite

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    Some cracking candles would work well, they sound like applause.
  6. Jon

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    The BPA has condemned this as inappropriate I believe.

    Statement from the Chairman of the British Pyrotechnists Association I’ve heard that there are companies proposing letting off fireworks tonight in support of the NHS. Whilst I’m sure as an industry we want to show our support for the NHS, I consider letting off fireworks at this time to be wholly inappropriate and in breach of the Code of Conduct for Association members – and, more importantly, the current Law. The instruction from Government is to stay at home unless stepping out is essential – fireworks are not essential at this time and it could put company staff, the NHS and the public at risk. This has been reiterated this afternoon with fines and other penalties as a last resort for those flouting the stay at home Law. Please think very carefully before you engage in any activities at the moment and consider the implications for the industry and the Association and your own prosecution of using fireworks at this time. Leave them in the store and STAY AT HOME – as instructed by Government. There will be a time to celebrate later in the year, but in the meantime support the NHS by staying at home and supporting the #lightitblue campaign tonight.
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  7. I wonder how much he billed the BPA for that pile of poop
  8. These are the three iv chose, put a facebook status to 'warn' people and they're already kicking off :D

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  9. There are a few companies due to fire something tonight, we were asked by our towns community events team and a lot of people were looking forward to it, it was even on the local news tonight - but this ridiculous statement was screenshotted and posted on our towns community page by an anti firework dog owner and as a result we have called it off. Nice one BPA for pulling the mat out from under our feet - maybe the refund of my membership will cover our losses tonight.

    Not even a phone call.
  10. maxywell

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    It does seem a bit strange even more so if local groups were actually aware of and encouraging it... it does say companies though so they're not saying members of the public shouldn't do it, nor should they since people are allowed and entitled to use their own land for whatever they want.
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  11. RCT

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    I must admit I was tempted, but decided not to.
    A firework for me is about celebration or tradition. I don’t see this as a celebration.
    There will be a time to celebrate, and then yes I will light some at the appropriate time.
    But each to their own, for those of you the do, any chance of filming them and posting please.

    If communities were asking for it and supporting the idea its a great same you’ve had to cancel “ Illusion fireworks.” You would hope for some support at these very difficult times from the industry you represent.
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  12. Alas I am often found wanting...
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  13. Based on that I'll definitely be sending a couple of bits up now! shame its so close to the time, or there would be a hell of a garden show to compensate.
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  14. B19_TLG

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    The BPA are probably hoping this current time for smaller firework companies (who can’t justify exorbitant membership terms to be in the elite club) will sink them and they can get back to trying to monopolise the industry for its members.
  15. That was mint!!!
  16. deans6571

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    ...loads of pyro went off around my way just now

    I could have fired some stuff I had in the garage if I had thought about it better!
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  17. The claps was as loud as the fireworks!! Sent shivers down my neck??
  18. Escht

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    Plenty of people took part here in Lichfield, could hear them in all the surrounding streets, several load bangs as well but didn't see anything...... good effort all round
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  19. That was quite emotional :)
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  20. scoops

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    Likewise, never heard a cheer like that.........
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