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    hiya folks,
    I've got several WPS rails (you know the ones with those speaker terminal connectors) and most have gone a bit rusty inside where the igniter wires go, weirdly only really on the black side, and not so much the red side!

    I've used contact cleaner spray and a small nylon cleaner brush, but not sure how best to try and get rid of most/all of the rust?

    Any suggestions for a more effective cleaning method?

    Incidentally, contact cleaner spray + toothbrush on the RJ45 cable ends helped clear up quite a few cue errors! :)
  2. Brass brush like a pipe brush

    Noblik 6 Pcs Brass Tube Cleaning Brush Wire Brush Set Cleaning Polishing Tool Brass Wire Brush Set For Pipe Tube Cylinder Bores Cleaning Hand Tool
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  3. Careful typing in ‘Noblik’ into Google. Nice brushes though haha.
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    Perfect thank you! That'll do the job nicely