Cobra 18m modules wanted

Discussion in 'Firing Systems And Fusing Fireworks' started by Charlie, Feb 9, 2020.

  1. Charlie

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    A long shot it seems these days but looking for 18m modules. Anyone?
  2. hofnerite

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    Join the club!
    I've only seen one appear on eBay in the last year and that went about 12 hours after being listed.
  3. elmo

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    Tbh, with resale value so high, you might as well buy new, just save and wait for the offers
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  4. Same here Charlie got 2 brand new cobra cases that need filling up
  5. One of my guys is selling his...
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  6. hofnerite

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    I bought a couple from EasyPyro last week. To be honest if you buy direct from Cobra once you've added the VAT, import duty and postage, if you're only buying under 5 units then it's pretty much the same price and the bonus is next day delivery.
    Even if I'd waited for the Cobra spring sale I'd have saved myself only about £25-£30.
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  7. Dodgey

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    Yeaj, Easypyro pricing isn't bad.

    I bought loads for myself, but as an example, I bought for someone else: 18R2, 18m x 4 (lipo, cased), 36m x 1, Audiobox, 5 charger, 1 charger.

    After vat, duty, shipping (which is also next day believe it or not!) - £3k. Easypyro would have been £3.5k + delivery.

    So not bad really, considering they have to make money, and you don't have to deal with Fedex customs etc.
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