Cobra 18r2 remote and 18 cue worth it

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  1. Im looking at staring to use the cobra instead of hand firing i only do 2/3 backyard shows a year is it worth paying £800+ for the remote and 2 cues to start with the hopefully move to a audio box as well is there any other products on the market that can be used like show creator.
  2. You can check out WPS system, wide range of products to fit your needs.
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  3. georgehenry

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    cobra is a very reliable system ,and the back up available should you encounter any doubts or problems is 2nd to none.
    worth every penny .
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  4. Dodgey

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    WPS is great value - nothing comes close for cost per cue. Cobra is lovely, but expensive per cue until you start buying 36 and 72 cue modules.
  5. Jon

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    WPS is an alternative and so is FireTek. If you just want press and fire, Kingdom units could be cheaper.
  6. Charlie

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    I'd say yes it is Connor. I started off with an 18R and two mods for small backyard shows about 10 years ago and can't fault it. Now obviously run 18R2's, trust it implicitly and happily fire 20K shows with it. The other handy thing to note is as so many people use it, it's normally easy to borrow an extra mod if your caught short for a show, obviously pending time of year lol.
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    I remember crewing for a team at Southport years ago. Our firing system was all cables and the opposition were using this mad yellow boxed wireless nonsense. We were struggling to the last second to get all the modules online, their’s fired perfectly.

    We’ve now got a stack of Cobra, brilliant system, can’t recommend enough. Our version of command centre is going to be “fun” :)

    Invest in Cobra, just do it.