Cobra Firing System for sale - Selling 18R2, Audiobox and 6 18M Lipo Version

Discussion in 'Firing Systems And Fusing Fireworks' started by bluehawk, Dec 16, 2018.

  1. Hi,

    As the title states, selling 1 x 18R2, 1 x Audiobox and 6 18M Lipo Version (No case). Used only once and willing to sell as one package. Will forward images to serious buyers. Offers?
  2. Daveandkate

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    Please pm me asap with pictures and price
  3. Dodgey

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    Likewise. Ta
  4. SwissTony

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    Same please.
  5. B19_TLG

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    Same please
  6. elmo

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    No shortage of interest there then:)
  7. Pyro Pete

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    Just a reminder guys.

    The poster of this advert only joined today, has no posting history and is effectively anonymous - take care when buying or selling in such circumstances.
  8. B19_TLG

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    Someone with the name @claytonvella messaged me selling the exact same package earlier in December and only replied today the same time this post went live under a different poster. Seems like strange behaviour if you want to sell something legitimately.
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  9. Hi , the other account claytonvella is mine however for some reason I cannot log in again. If someone will come to a deal with me we can set up a meeting on skype or similar not a problem :) !
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  10. B19_TLG

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    Presumably you’d accept PayPal for buyer protection reasons etc?
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  11. B19_TLG

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    And I think to be transparent with everyone interested it may make sense to post pics and asking price on here. I think resulting to private messages might lose some credibility of your intentions.
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  12. Paypal accepted - Anyone who would like pictures & asking price kindly contact me :)
  13. B19_TLG

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    Thank you for clarifying. As you can appreciate with such large amounts of money and high value commodities neither you or the buyer would like to be left out of pocket. I’ve only recently invested in new cobra gear and sadly do not have the funds at present however I wish you luck.
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  14. I'm friends with this guy on Facebook, with about 100 mutual friends. I would of offered to go and view this for anyone and maybe bring it back in my luggage, but I'm not out there till June.
  15. Firestormpyrotechnics

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    Definitely interested in the 6 x 18Ms!!!
  16. Hi. Is this still for sale?