Cobra guarantee extended - now lifetime.

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  1. Jake01

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    Cobra have extended their guarantee from five years to life of the item even if it has changed ownership, they will repair and or replace and they cover the postage.
    Yet another reason to buy Cobra
  2. hofnerite

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    They really are awesome. You get the same customer care if you buy one unit or a thousand and I've said it before but any company that gives out the CEOs personal mobile number for support enquiries on day one of buying their product is a company you can trust.
  3. Dodgey

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    Announced today......

    We are proud to announce that all COBRA equipment's warranty period is now extended to lifetime rather than 5 years.
    If you have COBRA equipment that is not performing properly due to a manufacturer's defect, we will repair or replace it at no cost to yourself. The process is incredibly simple, with no tickets to start, no complicated RMA forms to fill out, and no old invoices to dig up. Simply contact us. We will either send you replacement equipment, a prepaid label to ship your equipment back for repair, or both, depending on the situation.
    This change applies to all COBRA equipment, regardless of purchase date. This also applies to COBRA equipment that has transferred ownership.
    In short, if you own a piece of COBRA equipment, we will stand behind it 100%, no matter when, where, or from whom you purchased it.
    If you have any questions, please reach out to us via email at or via phone at 518-741-4300.
  4. Dodgey

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    Just wow. Cobra is the snap-on of firing systems. They will totally dominate the market with this move.
  5. Dodgey

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    Yeah, I just posted their announcement in the firing system area. Amazing. Wou!d not like to be a competitor in that market now.
  6. It makes the original purchase cost now seem not quite so bad. Its a good move.
  7. Dodgey

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    It's an amazing move. Used Cobra gear will sell for even closer to retail now as well.
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  9. Jon

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    Not sure it's quite as good as snap-on. They say in the announcement "due to a manufacturer's defect".

    If you buy a second hand broken module (case cracked or cue terminals snapped) I don't think they are about to refurbish it for you.

    This seems like a gimmick because their equipment has now been out so long they know all the failures and created this to make them look good. It also diverts customers from the incredibly slow development cycle in recent years. Call my cynical but I don't see how this changes anything.
  10. Dodgey

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    Wow Jon, I have to say I'm a touch staggered that you can find so much negative in such a positive move.

    I'm guessing you've not dealt with them with warranty issues? because they don't even ask "how/when /what?" they just replace, with free shipping from America. I've gone through the painless process twice, including lipo problems well over 1 year from purchase.

    Snap-on was a figurative comparison, not meant to be picked apart.

    Every cloud has a grey lining hey!?
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  11. hofnerite

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    To be fair, in the last 3 years they have released the 36m, 72m, 6m, command center, a stable firmware, a new show creator, slats and adapters, SMPTE, new and easier reprogramming software and CobraCon. o_O
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  12. Jon

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    Was it that stable though? I updated just after the release and within a few weeks there was a patch for an audio box issue.

    5.1.1 was out nov 2020 and then patched in decmeber 2020 by 5.1.2. Last stable release was 3.0.3 in 2014! 6 years between stable release.

    I know what I say is subjective, just I feel Cobra is loosing some of its edge these days.

    Edit: though I still think their entire wireless system is still a market beater.
  13. Jon

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    Correction 5.1.1 and 5.1.2 are stable release candidates. So the last stable release was 2014.
  14. gareth71

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    If a company whose products relied so heavily on specifically-developed firmware/software *didn't* release frequent maintenance and bug-fix patches, especially in the early life of a brand-new version, I'd be quite wary of them to be honest. In the world of my 'day job' - lighting control for theatre and events - updates and patches from the manufacturers are a regular occurrence, and are much appreciated by the user community. The particular control system in which I specialise has had, on average over the last few years, a software update every 2/3 months - and library updates (with new or updated information for the various lighting fixtures which are included in the console's library) every 3 or 4 weeks.
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  15. hofnerite

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    Fair enough, it's personal opinion. Just out of interest what firing system do you use mainly?
    I think all systems have their pros and cons and not one system suits every pyro user.
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  16. Where it didn't work!!, and a safety issue aswell, not just missing a couple of cues!
  17. Jon

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    It is ironically cobra!!

    On bigger shows I tend to either use FireByWire or FireOne, mainly because when large contracts are involved FireOne is a defacto standard.

    However, I fear cobra are stretching themselves too far. For example, they should have made a stable release with mesh in 5. Then they could have added another stable release for control panel. Another stable release with SMPTE.

    A stable release should be just that, a bug free release. However, they are now releasing beta versions and adding features constantly so they will never be able to get to a stable release because they just keep moving the goal posts. That means people have to have buggy versions that contains features they may not want or use. I have no use for SMTPE because I use other firing systems for that. I want my cobra for small shows and want mesh networking and bug free. I can't have that because there seems to be no fixed firmware feature list for each version.

    To me it just seems to be confusion in what they are trying to achieve or trying to please too many people at once which just muddies the field. There needs to be a clear roadmap that users can choose firmware based on their needs and have full confidence that the version they choose is solid. If they want experimental features that is fine but they would have to use an experimental firmware version. I see no reason why they can't release a stable version every year with additional features.

    They design both software/firmware and hardware so I see no reason for 6 years and waiting for the next stable release, they design everything and have full control. It's not like they are mixing kit and having to adapt to other companies.
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