Cobra Hardware A vs B differences

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    I've bought some more mods, which now means I have a mix of new (B), and older (A) mods.

    They are all running 5.02

    I’ve run a test musical show (got an audiobox too) all grand. Each cue blinks very briefly as expected.

    Then I did a script in Finale to test all the mods. 198 cues, all 0.1 sec apart (I know that’s the limitation of HW ver A)

    Attached is a link to the test video.

    The first 5 mods are my new HW ver B mods
    The next 5 mods are used Ver A mods
    The last 1 mod is back to Ver B

    They are all set to “Ignitor,14.8v”

    As you can see in the video two differences happen:

    1) The B mods light the LEDs in sequence, not extinguishing until then have all gone . The A mods blink each LED individually

    2) The B mods fire as expected, one cue at a time, flowing from one box to the next. The A mods seem to be ok until they get to the last 6 cues, at which stage, the next mod in sequence seems to start early.

    I’m sure there is an explanation! Looking at the video, on the A mods they start exactly the same time the 18R2 is lighting them up, just the previous module doesn’t seem to be able to keep up. I thought A mods were good for 1/10th, or is this simply the LEDs not keeping up?

    I've emailed this to Scott too.

    Not a sequence I plan to fire ! but be nice to know.

    Also, notice the little "flurry" of LEDs on teh last row of the 18R2 at the very end of firing the last module. What's all that about?

    Reading through I wonder if it's a limitation of the older modules - they can't fire all cues sequentially in under a couple of seconds (I'm trying 1.8)
  2. Dodgey

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    Thinking more about it, I reckon they just can't keep up for sure. The specs may give an accuracy of 1/10th of a second, but they don't say they will fire sequentially within 1/10th. I guess the newer hardware is quicker.

    Not really an issue for me as I can use the other 6 mods for chases that tight (which I've not done yet!) or my Pyrosure - though I have no idea of the max speed ot pyrosure as they don't have test LEDs and using 12 bulbs is a drag!
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    I know the pyrosure doesn’t have leds on the mods or any indication it’s firing the cues.
    We have a couple of their led test pcbs mounted in a pelicase to test with.
    Which only limits to two mods at a time.
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    The new Pyrosure test boards have 12v G4 lamps instead of LEDs...

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  6. Pretty sure version b hardware is 1/100th
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    Have you got them all in ematch mode?

    If you have then I think it’s just the led’s not keeping up.

    They fire fine on 0.1 increments as done it with flash pots on version a hardware ages ago.

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  8. Dodgey

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    Yep. Ematch mode.

    Cheers Mike
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    No worries, anytime @Dodgey

  10. Would you care to share your script csv?

    Also, care to share Scott's response?

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  11. Dodgey

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    I didn't keep the script but it was a simple chase sequence through all cues.

    Scott said "I have also copied Joel, we are going to run this same test on our side. This could be something with firing 1/10th on all 18 cues on the hardware A versions. More to come.... thanks for sending this to us."

    Not heard anything back.
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  12. Thanks for the reply. Interesting, indeed.

    I have done 0.1s for all cues for multiple modules in a row on hardware A mods from the remote in sequence mode (just for testing, not for an actual display) and it worked as expected, with the mods going in order, cue 1 just after cue 18 of the previous mod.

    Having said that, sequence firing from the remote is a different animal entirely than scripted mode. From what I understand, sequence mode sends a single signal to the mod and timing is handled internally, not via checking the mod's script vs. the system time. This is how you can do sequence firing with the 18R.

    As for the last few LED indications on the remote at the end of the script, got nothin' for ya, lol.

    I will say that--from watching displays and from speaking with Scott--it appears the timing is tighter overall on the 18M 'B' mods (as well as the new family of 36/72/90 cue mods). Not just the 0.01s resolution vs. the 0.1s resolution, but also how precisely they hit that time. I.e.--if you fire a cue at 23.2s on a hardware B mod it will be 'closer' to exactly 23.2s than a hardware A mod, though we're talking in milliseconds here.

    Overall, yeah... use the newer mods for the tight stuff and the older mods for shells / cakes that a tenth isn't as big of a deal.

    Thanks again for taking the time to reply!
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  13. Did you get a reply at all?
  14. hofnerite

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    I contacted Scott about this in November because I had the same issue. He replied with this:

    Hi Chris,
    We tested this and it does seem to be hardware A related and that the event is at a 100/th of a second which the 18MA will truncate this If you have those events at 1/10th of a second this should improve things. In our 5.1 release, we should have this improved, but unfortunately the A units may have some natural variance unfortunately.
    Thanks, Scott