Cobra R1 Remotes REDUCED TO CLEAR!

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  1. Some of you may be aware Cobra has discontinued the trusty R1 Remote Control o_O. They will only be supplying the more expensive R2 remote going forward.

    We have just 5 brand new Cobra R1 Remotes left. These are now reduced to clear!

    Grab a bargain, we are offering 20% discount, making them £143.20 ex VAT.

    We can ship them with whatever firmware you want, usually 3.0.3. but some customers are on 5.xx

    Buy them now on the website. They make a great primary or backup remote for your system.

    Note that we've elected to advertise them here first. If we send a general mailshot they'll be gone, so we thought you guys should get first dibs.


    Andrew @easypyro

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