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  1. Hi all was wondering if anyone in the UK has a upgrade USB stick I could use? Would pay postage both ways and use price. Not sure when I can get a stick delivered from UK
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    I haven't got one myself but EasyPyro sell them and usually next day delivery, although not sure they are offering that at the moment.
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  3. Nice one many thanks
  4. £106!!, i bet this is never equated for in the price per cue when investigating systems.
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    That is the problem when you design a system to use the manufacturers chip programmers to upgrade rather than design a simple firmware update routine through SD card or USB. When you buy things like SNAP sticks they believe you are making money from it by designing your own hardware, hence the price.

    Ironically, you could use a wired programmer from a jumper on the board which was the first way of updating when Cobra came out, which was basically a serial port if I remember. I do have one somewhere. They were less than £20 from Cobra and I think you could just buy a cheaper one from eBay if you wanted. When there was a major security issues found in software Scott was sending then out free to people to patch their modules.

    Sadly, Scott phased this out in favour of the £100+ snap stick - thinking of his clients as it is 'easier'.

    Another oversight like running out of programming space on the 18 As :rolleyes:
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    To be honest though, in the grand scheme of things £100 for something that can upgrade your modules for years to come is not a massive deal.
    I only do one display a year and have spent £3k+ on my Cobra setup so when it comes time for me to upgrade the firmware, shelling out £100 isn't an insane cost*.

    *although my wife suggests that spending £3000+ on a system used for 10 minutes a year is insane.
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    What does she know .......;)
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  8. I plan on firing my own shows with my cobra units, then stepping onto the pyromusical side a little I love the thought of one of my shows being shot to music that I designed.
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    Good news is they don't do firmware updates often!

    I've got a stick as I bought it when the £ had some strength against the $, along with a big module order. Just good to have. I have been sent mods to update from a member here before, which I'm happy to do, but I won't accept any liability for courier loss etc.
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    Have you done any upgrades using the 'new' BETA method? ie not using the Synapse portal? Looks a lot more simple.
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    Was very happy and greatful in what @Dodgey done for me luckily I use very good reliable couriers that cover my parcels to full value at a highly discounted rate
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    Not heard of it!
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    You are most welcome
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    Scott was looking for BETA testers a while back and looks like anyone who contacted him got access to the new method.
    *should* be out soon. It's more of a software wizard and apparently just a couple of clicks and it does the rest. About time!
  15. A bit late to this thread I know, but the new cobra reprogramming software is a breeze to use. Incidentally, I recently found the snap stick I had lost in my storage container due to my absent mindedness, so as I had already bought a new one I have a (twice used for 5 modules) one for sale if anyone is interested .... make me an offer.
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  16. I have the USB thingy if anyone needs one just cover postage both ways
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