Cobra vs Wireless Pyro vs FireStorm

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Which system would you have?


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  1. Hello, does anyone have any experience with the firing systems named above?

    Looking for a firing system which is easy to set up, links with audio easily too.
  2. horses for courses, all of the above 3 systems are excellent

    i have cobra, firetek, firestorm and a wps tiny:p
    i tend to use firestorm for spfx stuff

    each has its own +s and -ves.
    as i said in a previous post, wps has to be the cheapest per cue if you get the pro bundle
    cobra obviously popular with a wide user base, firestorm built in uk by easypyro.

    depends what you want really and the money available.
  3. I'm looking for a system that is easy in regards to playing audio etc.
  4. B19_TLG

    B19_TLG Pro Firer/Crew

    Cobra 18r2 remote
    Cobra 18m or larger modules
    Cobra Audio Box
    USB stick
    PA/sound system

    Off you go.

    You put your audio file on usb insert into cobra audio box. That plugs into your speaker system.

    You script your show and upload it to your 18r2 remote.

    When you hit fire it sets off music and fireworks together.


    But I can only speak for cobra. Haven’t used others for this.
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  5. hofnerite

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    Ditto the post above. I've also only used Cobra but it does pyromusicals very well and very easily.
    Probably more costly to buy the whole setup required but it's pretty faultless in my experience.
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  6. I don't know too much about this, always read these threads with interest.

    Seems to me like Cobra is the choice for pro's and people wanting full technical functionality and WPS wins on cost(and possibly ease of basic function?).

    To choose a system you need to think about what you need from it, wired, wireless, somewhere in between. If I had time (or if I was looking into investing|) I'd draw up a spreadsheet with each system and its functionality, pros and cons. Choose which to go for is about considering what you need from it.
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