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  1. May sound silly but does it matter if fireworks are kept cold? I don't mean damp obviously I've got mine in a waterproof storage box outside but realised most keep them in the building somewhere which will have some kind of heating I'm sure
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    I'm sure klasek had instructions saying to store between -5 and 40c so there's not really many places where the temp goes outside that range in the UK.
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  3. some of mine over the years have come in from the garage and been fine, rapid temperature changes make them condensate a little bit on the glossy wrappers but never noticed a big impact

    throw some water absorbing material into your plastic storage boxes and i’d imagine it would be fine
  4. I always store mine in an outside bunker, which is raised off the ground slightly and dry. They are kept in a large plastic storage box that has around 3-4 inches of cat litter loose in the bottom and a number of socks filled with cat litter placed in and around the loose fireworks. I've never had an issue.
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  5. Normally I get them a couple of weeks before and they are fine in the shed but after last year's very wet antics lesson learned! The shed roof basically gave up that September. Had the storage box with all my gardening stuff all summer and no matter how heavy the rain it's all stayed dry but I've got the fireworks earlier than normal this year to avoid the shortage as everyone's saying, but I've been finding it very cold over night and in the mornings so got me thinking
  6. No cold doesn't affect them (uk cold) as long as they are dry. Most shops store their fireworks in containers out in the cold with many holding unsold stock for a year or more through heat and freezing temps. Plus they get shipped from China in all varying temps and weathers. Never had an issue keep mine in the shed.
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