Firers Wanted Come and Fire for Firework Crazy

Discussion in 'Professional Fireworks' started by Firework Crazy, Feb 22, 2019.

  1. If you're already a firer or would like to find out a bit more about becoming a firer then we'd love to hear from you.

    Last year we provided over 200 displays across the UK and this year is set to be just as busy!

    We have firers that fire for us nearly every week and some that just get out a few times a year, everyone's welcome. Some of our firers have even gone on to take full time positions with us.

    We offer excellent rates of pay.
    Full training including BPA, ADR and First Aid. All are FREE for our staff.
    MASSIVE discounts on our entire retail range!
    Invites to our Social Events. Bowling, Curries, Christmas Party etc.
    Invites to Global Events. Fallas, China, Cobra-Con (I'm actually flying one of our firers business class to Cobra-Con, Why? as he's taken it upon himself to learn cobra inside out. The cost of this trip to him? His Time.

    If you're interested, fill out the following form and we'll be in touch.