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  1. Hi Guys, I was wondering if anyone has ever put 2 BIG compound together to form a massive sky filling display of so what was it. i'm thinking something like Beast of the east with Retribution or Coliseum?
  2. After firing FWS200 i would love to slap two down side by side but it might be abit to slow to make much of a sky filling display.
  3. Isn’t this effectively what Brothers have done with Greatest Showman??
  4. danielpyronutter

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    Try the klasek firework show 256 30mm
  5. Not necessarily, they have just created a big and long firework 10 minutes to be exact this is more like a few minutes of sky filling entertainment.
  6. The video don't do it justice anyone got one of this apart from the Klasek one on YT
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    I think the biggest problem will be that 1 will overrun the other. It's sometimes bad enough pairing single cakes. I think you need 2 or 3 dump cakes to end but due to timing you'd have to use a firing system imo.
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    Primed adrenalise looks pukka as well, what are peoples favourite looking compounds?

    Mine are:
    Klasek firework show 256
    Primed adrenalise
    Epic awaken
    Hallmark Extravaganza
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    If you got the timing right a funke fireball with 2 grounds for divorce angled either side of it could look good.
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    Oh yes funke cloud connected and paranoid look awesome as well
  11. Catesbysrevenge

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    Adrenalise looks good but don’t know bore size

    No landed footage

    Game changer looks fab but no landed footage
    Anyone fired this

    Grounds for divorce is superb and there is footage of this

    Not a compound but glittering prize a and b look crazy
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  12. There are two compounds from Primed this year, Adrenalize & Thunderstruck. There are also three compounds from Evolution, Revolution (1.4g), Supernova & Hypernova. All of which are worth looking at
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  13. Game Changer & Grounds For Divorce are excellent nothing but great feedback from customers. Beast Of The East is great as is Aftermath ;)
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    We fired the largest 1.3g evolution sib earlier in the year and it was really good except there were massive periods of dark sky in between sections, also build quality was poor, if they sort those issues it would be up there with the best sibs, if the compounds are 1.3g I think they will be great as long as the fusing issue is sorted, again a lack of uk footage, there large selection box was excellent also with really nice vivid colours and plenty of blues.
  15. Pablos pyro

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    Absolute - game changer
    Zeus - retribution
    Hallmark - extravaganza
    I think this is more like this years stash list o_O
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    Aftermath looks very pro, I do really like the look of game changer, do you have the specs for it saj?
    Cant knock grounds for divorce and the half cake spin offs for high impact finale.
  17. maxywell

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    I had game changer last year it's 30mm not sure the exact nec but it's near 3900g.
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  18. danielpyronutter

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    Is it 1.3g?
  19. maxywell

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    Yes i'll try find the video later, mine stopped halfway through then went on fire and blew itself apart but the first half of it was good..:D
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    Sounds like the second half was fun too:p