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    Just wondering what the longest length of shooting wire anyone has connected to an igniter and still got reliable ignition.
    Will be firing with wps system and just starting to plan this years event!!!! To early????
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    Not really helpful to you but for pure giggles i fired x4 ignitors in paralell at 75m cables for the finale in last yrs display.
    I was using a nail board, 6mm drill bit and 60amps on the welding set!
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  3. As there are a number of variables, let Andrew at EasyPyro assist through his online calculator.
    My personal rule of thumb is never more than 4 e-matchs on a 9v system and you'll not exceed with whatever distance of wire in a typical setup.
    Personally the longest 26 AWG run I have used is the length of 3 football pitches to a single e-match.
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    That's much further than I would need so thanks for the information.
  5. Bit late on this one, but here's a simple rule of thumb:

    1. Get a multimeter so you can measure the circuit resistance. If you don't have one you can pick them up for a few pounds from CPC, sometimes Lidl etc
    2. Assume an e-match (or Talon) igniter needs 1 Amps of current for reliable ignition.
    3. Ohms law says Resistance, R = Voltage, V / Current, I.

    So, if we know we need Current, I to be 1 (that's hands), then you're firing system voltage is the maximum resistance your firing circuit can be.

    So for example with a 12 Volt system you don't want the circuit to be over 12 Ohms.
    For a 24 Volt system you don't want the circuit resistance to be over 24 Ohms etc ...

    So if you're in any doubt, just get the multimeter on your firing circuit and check it!

    Note that this only applies for single or series wired igniters.

    Andrew @easypyro
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    Lovely, thanks for that.
    Sounds like a purchase of a multimeter then!!!