Consumer Match Igniters & 4 Cue Firing System Ignition

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  1. After quite a lot of questions about what's best for firing retail fireworks, Talon or Consumer Match igniters, I thought I'd put a post here. Just to clear this matter up - Consumer Match and Electric Match are the same basic igniters but with a different shroud on the end. The Consumer Match has two holes for you to thread the visco fuse through from any retail firework, where as Electric Match won't easily ignite visco and is therefore more widely used for CAT4 and quick match ignition. Talons have no pyrotechnic material and are therefore safe to connect to your fireworks before transporting them to the launch site if you so desire.

    Also the question 'Can you fire more than one igniter from a single cue?' comes up quite a lot - In the past I've shown the 12 Cue Pro firing system firing multiple igniters so I thought this time I'd use the smaller 4 Cue system.

    All igniters in these videos are wired in PARALLEL (with each igniter going directly into the firing system terminals). I'll do a seperate post soon with more about parallel and series wiring.

    3 x 2m Consumer Match Igniters fired from 1 Cue:

    3 x 1m Talon Igniters fired from 1 Cue:

    8 x 2m Consumer Match Igniters (2 per cue) ALL FIRE:

    I hope this helps a few of you out when it comes to deciding what igniters are best for you.
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  2. pyrobrit

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    One very important thing to note.

    Never ever mix different manufacturers igniters on the same wire regardless if you are using parallel (not recommended) or serial wiring setup (recommended).

    The above is based on electric igniters.
  3. A good point that Pyrobrit makes there - Don't mix different types or lengths of igniters. Talon igniters should ONLY be wired in parallel. Consumer & Electric Match igniters can be wired in either series or parallel.
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    An excellent topic, thanks for putting that up. I certainly asked the question in a PM before buying :)

    I don't suppose you've tried seeing what the limit is per single cue, E.g. pushing for 4, 5 or even 6 (1 or 2m) E-match/Consumer match per cue all at once?
  5. I haven't, but when I get a spare hour I will film it for you. I'd imagine with either of the match igniters that 6 would be fine!
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  6. MrDan

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    It may be obvious, but make sure you use fresh batteries :)
  7. pyrobrit

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    Don't stretch your firing wire. I have actually broken the copper conductor yet left the insulation intact.

    That caused an embarrassing countdown...
  8. I have a couple of questions if i may, probably silly to you guys BUT....

    What is this serial and parallel?

    Why? im confused as i have used bell wire in the past to extend the length of igniters and they have worked fine. the bell wire makes them different lengths and obviously the bell wire isnt from the same manufacturer as the talon. Or is the never mix lengths only relevant if you want to fire them from the same cue point?

  9. I'm hoping to fire 4 ignitors from one cue. I'd love to know if the system can handle that.
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    Parallel = Plug x4 ignitors into 1 cue directly.
    Series = One lead of Ignitor 1 into cue 1, one lead of Ignitor 4 into remaining slot in cue 1, then join these 2 using Ignitor 2&3.

    Use parallel for your system as per the videos above.

    Bell wire extensions 'might' be ok, but you;d need to test it extensively yourself as there are many different types of wire out there and you need to consider the conductor material, cross section, length, what batteries in the system, fully charged, partially used etc etc. There are many variables so no one will be able to give you a definitive answer on this one.
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  11. Just noticed your name... Love it! - What type of igniter will you be using, Talon or Consumer Match? I'll test it out for you.

    As Ad said, using bell wire is usually fine but you should certainly test it yourself before a display. Also he explains Series/Parallel perfectly. Only use parallel for Talons. Consumer/Electric match can be connected in either way.

    The reason for not mixing types of igniter is if you are firing them from a single cue - Say you had 2 Talons and 1 Consumer match wired into one cue, when you fire the match will fire first and could break the circuit, stopping the Talons firing (though this shouldn't happen if wired in parallel. The best advice is to test out the scenario you want to use for your display beforehand so you know with confidence that it will fire in the way you want to.
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  12. Thanks! :D

    These are the ones I have. Not sure if they are Talon or Consumer Match.
  13. Ah so its ok to mix the talons I purchased from place A with the talons I got from place B, its more how the firework is ignited that i cant mix, so no e-match/talon combinations??

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    Just playing around with my firing order and essentially need an extra que I don't have.

    Unfortunately I'm 500miles away from my Pyro and firing system until 24hrs before I start the display..... But, if using Consumer Ignitors, can x2 cake viscos (2mm at a guess) be threaded through the plastic clip at the end, and will they light? I think it could be quite the idea, it's not drawing more current from the same que (as say putting an ignitor on each cue in this situation) and even if only 1of2 fuses lights, then the reaction should light the other one as they are right up against each other.
  15. Andy_P

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    We've been through all this before several times, but there are advantages and disadvantages to both serial and parallel wiring. Each have their place.
  16. Cullann

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    @ad_the_man I've not tried those new consumer igniters (will be ordering soon though) but I can't see why it wouldn't work, if there's room for two fuses in the clip. Even if there's only room for one, if you can tape the second fuse to the exposed bits of the first, it should be ignited by the first one when that burns. The timing might be tricky if you want them both to light at exactly the same moment, but I can't seem why you couldn't light them both. In theory.
    I will have a play when I get some of those igniters myself.
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  17. @ad_the_man - It would tight getting two fuses threaded through, though as Cullann said, it'll be easy enough to tape the fuse from the second firework onto the exposed parts of the first (you could even tape it to the igniter too and have a completely waterproof igniter/fuse combo.
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  18. @Wireless Fireworks when you connect multiple ignitor wires to a single cue does it matter if the bare wires touch each other?
  19. MrDan

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    If I understand you correctly then...

    The wires in the red terminal can touch each other, and the wires in the black terminal can touch each other.

    But no wire in the red terminal should touch a wire in the black terminal, else this will cause a short in the circuit.
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    @Wireless Fireworks - Thanks, will give it a go on the day and see how it pans out after a test on some spare visco.

    @Fawke Handles, Mr Dan has pointed it out well, just make sure the wires in one terminal don't touch the wires in the other. Obviously these 2 terminals make up one cue.
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