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  1. Has anyone been, particularly in December? Looking at going for a few days with the gf, and was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for hotels/restaurants etc? Can get a Best Western and flights from Heathrow with BA for about £550 so that's roughly what i'd want to spend, so any hotels for £100 a night or less would be perfect :) and as it's me, please do let me know if there's any good pyro displays knocking around there lol
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    On details
    Get it a dam site cheaper than that
    Can get you return flights at less than £80 return for both of you
  3. I went in May of this year, flights are very cheap usually, the hotels are quite expensive so we opted for AirBnB which was flawless as always.

    There are fantastic bakery's and breakfast places all over the place, usually within a short walk so you'll never go hungry when you wake up.

    The transportation is also pretty good and most importantly on time, we purchased a ticket at the airport from a machine which gave us unlimited travel, cost was around £23.

    We booked with two different airlines for effectively two "one way" trips, which cost a total of £18.30 each :)

    Head on down to Nyhavn embankment and you cannot really go wrong for food, we had some decent meals and the atmosphere is brilliant, especially at the weekend, it's not cheap but it's to be expected, and they don't really deal with cash so make sure you have a decent contactless card that has zero or very low fees when used abroad.

    Make sure you visit Christiania as it's a really strange and quirky place, but be very careful, don't get caught taking photos or stare at the "spotters" too much :p :oops:

    Reffen Street Food is also a really good shout, it's basically loads of containers converted by street vendors, offering "world foods" and some of the dishes are so good.

    Download the Voi app and rent yourself a scooter at night and go for a blast around the streets, good fun, and if you're out late after too many beers.. McDonalds is always there for you :p

    Everywhere is easy to navigate around, the metro and busses and plentiful and I would highly recommend going.

    Flights: £18
    AirBnB (3 Days): £100
    Metro / Bus Pass: £23
    Average cost of a beer: £6
    Average cost of main meal: £18
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  4. Who’s that with mate? I could get them at that price from Luton with Ryanair, but my previous experience of them has been, shall we say, rather unsatisfying lol
    That’s really helpful mate, thanks for that! Think I’ve decided I’ll definitely be going, will check out Airbnb properly as well :)
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    Be aware that you may need to check up on insurance etc as we'll probably be out of the EU by then. As for fireworks check their rules carefully! Fireworks have very variable regulation across a supposedly united Europe. Some countries have little or no fireworks for the public and some are a free for all.