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  1. Photo dump of some newish (2004-2011) 20170901_145919.jpg 20170901_145854.jpg 20170901_145828.jpg 20170901_145804.jpg 20170901_145738.jpg 20170901_145713.jpg 20170901_145657.jpg 20170901_145630.jpg 20170901_145600.jpg 20170901_145434.jpg 20170901_145318.jpg 20170901_145243.jpg 20170901_145212.jpg 20170901_144942.jpg 20170901_145919.jpg 20170901_145854.jpg 20170901_145828.jpg stuff to make room on my phone:
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  2. Don't know why it's repeated some of the photos.
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    That green goblin label reminds me of my first visit to Turkey - Bodrum 1981(ish) before they had western style w/c's. o_O
  4. Yeah it is a bit odd!
  5. I had one of these from trago miĺls in 2000
  6. It looks class, do you have any footage?
  7. Sorry no long before I had a video phone ..Only differences was the box was black and I think the rockets were rainbow rockets ..cost £35 if my memory serves me right and was pretty heavy
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  8. Was it decent? Is there anything out now that you could compare it to? Old Cosmic is great, I picked up 2 Venus selection boxes like the below pic last BFN from local convenience store for £3 and they were great, I'm gutted I didn't keep one. I've tried a couple of new selection boxes since and I think the fountains now days aren't as good.... maybe kimbolton come close for vividness of colour
  9. Wow that's a rare find from a shop ..On the cosmic fireworks website ..formally astra there is a box called cosmic elite Jupiter ..The old Jupiter box was the next size down from the galaxy but not by a great deal .There is also a mars box on there under the elite banner but the others were just the old astra boxes ..I had the green one I think a few years back and was Awful ..prices are a joke though
  10. a few selection boxes from early 2000s

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    Thanks to a tip of from someone on here I've just cleared a convenience store of a load of Cosmic and Golden Lion cakes at knock down prices. Billy bonanza!
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  16. Can't find any round here now,i think i cleared the last of them from a local cheap shop two years ago but it proves this stuff is still about if you can find it!
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    It certainly is still out there ... I got my hands on some Midas Ruby Salutes (louder version of Ruby Dragon) recently to add to this years stash. Its just a case of being lucky enough to stumble across it more than anything I think.
  18. I've wanted one of these Cosmic Astra Barrage Boxes for a few years now and recently managed to get hold of one through a chance meeting with a friendly UKFR member at a review night.
    These boxes are interesting (to me at least!) as they were from the 'original Cosmic' the year they went down the pan. I believe the story with them is that the boxes were printed in the UK and packed with old leftover stock in order to clear out and make money for the receivers etc. So the contents are a real mix of Cosmic Group brands from as far back as 2001 (the Galaxy cake pack).
    Cosmic geek time over, here's the photos: (to follow shortly)