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  1. IMG_0859.JPG Two of the Standard imported Weco rockets in my collection.
  2. Old TNT cake with Cosmic Burton Address on;

    20180207_194219.jpg 20180207_194133.jpg
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    That must be an error is it not? Not sure TNT have ever been at Burton, have they?........o_O
  5. Not too sure Paul, more than half of the box have that address but not 100% if they ever was at Burton or not :)
  6. A lot of firms used that Burton address including Feistel/Benwell, Black Cat, Cosmic, maybe a lot of stuff was stored and distributed from there.
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    Black Cat started their days at Burton, Cosmic also.
    TNT are relatively new here after taking over Millennium about 12 years ago. They operated exclusively from Salisbury, which has its own extensive storage. They may have a link with Burton, but........??
  8. Some early candles
    IMG_7159.JPG IMG_7160.JPG IMG_7161.JPG IMG_7162.JPG IMG_7213.JPG
  9. Those candles bring back memories, Standard used to bundle them together, put them in a large tube and give them English names, you could buy them as single pieces too, Black Cat did them.
  10. Yes I've had some of those Candle Bundles that Black Cat did with the old Chinese candles. Had an Octavius Hunt one as well at one point, that must have been rare.
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  11. I have these - the single one magnolia is from Temple of Heaven with an Octavius Hunt Sticker. The red dragon pack is also Temple of Heaven with a Black Cat sticker and the pink pack is Spring with Back Cat sticker.

    2638542E-7A12-4FA1-8C60-AE0AF38F1960.jpeg FBA7A882-05F0-4F3F-B715-709174DFFB3A.jpeg EA63FB9E-2098-4EC3-8CF8-A0D33BB54280.jpeg 043D6A9F-3F43-4C9F-A865-FB35C3971582.jpeg A7DB2425-6834-47D0-BDFE-6A753DFC2806.jpeg 9AAC4A49-F159-4A69-B787-B6C1B0A0A330.jpeg 2638542E-7A12-4FA1-8C60-AE0AF38F1960.jpeg FBA7A882-05F0-4F3F-B715-709174DFFB3A.jpeg
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    Crikey!! Those cling wrapped dragon bundles spark some memories, used thousands of them on shows, chirping oriole used to be a fav:)
  13. I liked Flashing Thunder, Chirping Oriole and Magnolia, who remembers "Lion"?, sounded like a fart, lol!, Twitter Glitter was another but that was a short, round cake.
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  14. Like this?:
  15. And here’s a Cosmic Parachute Smoke
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    Just had a twang of guilt so decided best to ask people on here if anyone wants any of these Golden Lion/Cosmic bits before I light them up this season. Happy to take some modern gear as a swap or offers.

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    Question ..... when did Cosmic start using Captain Cosmic on their gear and when did they stop............
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  18. Mid 90s until mid 00's Kev. Found some?