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    great information, thanks. What year was the 'News Transmitter' approx.? It's also probably worthy of starting a new thread for 'first manufactured cakes' at some stage.

    JayT I'm guessing you will know what and when was the first Cosmic cake produced and the time line in comparison to the Esco 'News Transmitter'?
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    IMG_4542.JPG Probably best in a new thread but some early ESco cakes
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    I doubt it. Those Discovery barrages look more like candle bundles and those have been a concept for a long time. Ever since roman candles were created. Lots of years ago. The first ever proper cake I ever clapped eyes on was the Esco News Transmitter as Peter mentions though back then I believe it was actually made by one of the Hunan factories like Horse Brand, Liu Yang, Red Lantern, Link of those....
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    Thanks for sharing the pics. Love the artwork on those early Esco cakes, particularly the New Transmitter.
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    'News Transmitter' even..
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  6. I have one of the early Esco catalogues and the only cake in it is the News Transmitter, i will dig it out and find out the year.
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    Those Chinese labels are brilliant. I love their use of language and the artwork. Something very innocent about the whole style.

    I believe the News Transmitter label was red when I saw it. Was a long time ago though. I notice the brand logo is Horse Brand. I like the way most of the Chinese brand logos followed a very similiar look. A circle with a simple line drawing and the name encircling it all in pink or red ink.
  8. Be nice if the empty box for this still existed! Missing a Neptune of this era from the collection.
  9. 20191026_151020.jpg
    Amazing artwork on this box.
  10. Fuck me iv been looking for this since I first had one as a kid!!! Would you be interested in selling? That goes for other cosmic gear too from 90s early 00s?
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  11. Not selling anything. Had a clear out but that's all gone now.
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  12. Ok well if you change your mind I would pay 2/300 for this ok!
  13. I'm highly unlikely to part with it to be honest, but if I ever come across any duplicates I will let you know. It took me many years to get this one though, and I'm not aware of any others around. It's always a surprise what crops up though. Galactic have a Venus box from the same era in their vintage section.
  14. @JayT yeah I always keep an eye on galactics, they had the asteroid box too which sold pretty fast, Apollo is one I haven’t seen come up before! I’m not sure where else I can find cosmic stuff!
  15. Didnt see the Asteroid box on there, wasnt aware Nigel had one. I know they sold an early Mars on there.
  16. Yeah mars and mercury, early mercury though, I am kicking myself that I didn’t stock them up when my local newsagent stocked them when I was young! Used to have the entire collection of that series year on year :( one year that had one that was as rare as Apollo but can’t remember what it was, not asteroids, maybe it was pluto or other space theme? Are you aware of the list of the full collection??
  17. Yeah I have them all mate
  18. Could you list all the boxes just to refresh my memory? I know of Mars, Venus, mercury, Jupiter, Neptune, Saturn, asteroid, Apollo but I am sure there are too more! Galaxy maybe and I think Pluto may of happened one year? If you ever sell the lot, particularly Apollo please don’t forget me please will not low ball you! :oops:
  19. Ps if anyone has the 90s moon missile I would be hugely appreciative :)
  20. Mercury, Venus, Mars, Asteriods Aerial (name changed in 97 to Lunar), Saturn, Jupiter, Neptune, Apollo, Galaxy, Universe, Explorer and Voyager.
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