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    great information, thanks. What year was the 'News Transmitter' approx.? It's also probably worthy of starting a new thread for 'first manufactured cakes' at some stage.

    JayT I'm guessing you will know what and when was the first Cosmic cake produced and the time line in comparison to the Esco 'News Transmitter'?
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    IMG_4542.JPG Probably best in a new thread but some early ESco cakes
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    I doubt it. Those Discovery barrages look more like candle bundles and those have been a concept for a long time. Ever since roman candles were created. Lots of years ago. The first ever proper cake I ever clapped eyes on was the Esco News Transmitter as Peter mentions though back then I believe it was actually made by one of the Hunan factories like Horse Brand, Liu Yang, Red Lantern, Link of those....
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    Thanks for sharing the pics. Love the artwork on those early Esco cakes, particularly the New Transmitter.
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    'News Transmitter' even..
  6. I have one of the early Esco catalogues and the only cake in it is the News Transmitter, i will dig it out and find out the year.
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    Those Chinese labels are brilliant. I love their use of language and the artwork. Something very innocent about the whole style.

    I believe the News Transmitter label was red when I saw it. Was a long time ago though. I notice the brand logo is Horse Brand. I like the way most of the Chinese brand logos followed a very similiar look. A circle with a simple line drawing and the name encircling it all in pink or red ink.